Download BBM for Nokia Lumia 625 Windows Phone

Download BBM for Nokia Lumia 625 Blackberry Messenger

BBM for Nokia Lumia 625

BBM for Nokia Lumia 625

Hello everyone !You are among the few Windows phone lovers who own a Nokia Lumia device and you seem to be enjoying the interface of these phones.But one thing that you think most often is the unavailability of useful apps like BBM for Lumia phones which is still a set back for you.When it comes to being social ,WhatsApp and BBM stand side by side depending on the region concerned.Well you need not to worry any more as today in this post I will be telling how can Download BBM for Nokia Lumia 625 and other Lumia series Windows phones of this category.

BBM ,better known as Blackberry Messenger is a well known and widely used messaging application that every person wants to use.During last few year ,BBM was only available for Blackberry smartphones until the company officially released it for Android and iOS which was a turning point in the messaging era.Since then ,BBM trend and usage became extensive and this is the reason why many Windows users have been demanding for BBM for Nokia Lumia 625 and wanted to install BBM on Windows phones.So I thought of writing a post which will enable you to get such must have apps on your Lumia device.Before moving further,I would like to elaborate some features of BBM that have made it a success today:

  • BBM is always ON,you need not to open the app every time to make yourself active on the chat ,you can directly access it through your notification bar.
  • Know when messages have been delivered (D’s) and read (R’s)
  • You can share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more with BBM to your friends
  • See when contacts are responding to your message
  • BBM uses PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses so that it’s more private, and you always control who can contact you
  • Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists, and appointments with group members.
  • Post a profile picture using images, pictures or even animated pictures (GIFs).

As you can clearly see from the above details that BBM is the best messenger that wil never let you get bored and there are many ways to grab fun with your friends through BBM.But the bad news is the fact that BBM for Nokia Lumia 625 has not been released officially in the market yet and you  will have to wait get the same if you use this phone.The most obvious reason why BBM for Lumia 625 is not available is because the app has not been made for windows phone platform till now.Though there are news that BBM for Windows phone was about to be released this month but there is no official news from the Blackberry team.You should avoid downloading the fake apps by same name in the market as they can be serious hazard to your phone.

Click here to Download BBM for Nokia Lumia 625

The link directs you to the official Blackberry website from where you will be able to download BBM on Lumia 625 and other Lumia phones as soon as the app will be released for the Windows powered devices by the developer.If you have any doubts regarding the same or you get any news ,do share with us in the comments section below.Stay tuned with us for more and keep visiting.

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