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In case you have not heard about (or agario) you most likely will very soon. It is an online multi player game that is being played  by more than 100,000 people at the same time. You start off with a little circle and eat smaller static circles and other smaller players. On the other hand, the bigger players can eat up you.

The aim in the game is to get as big as you can and eat as many players as you can. Once you get enough you will get keen. You have a choice to split your circle in two and throw one half at the other players with larger speed, in order to get more mass.

You can combine the circles after some time. This game needs the players to have just any kind of PC, a mouse and a net connection. It is very enjoyable and addictive. Yes, it is a little hard on the beginning, but when you get the hang of it and get some mass, you will have a lot of enjoyable crush everybody in front of you.

You have the alternative to play in a Free for All modes, where you play against everybody, or you can play in teams. You are spawned in a random team and play against the other two teams. This mode is good for the reason that you are very small, the other team members that are better than you can protect you until you acquire some mass. The cheat does all of this for you. and Its features game skins, if you have been playing this game, then you have almost surely seen them prior to. A giant doge floating around, a steam symbol, or even a nation flag. These are all skins, and they have been a main element in the game as the start.
Skins in the game change the background of your blob to an exact image, depends on which skin you select. To use a skin on Agario, you will have to input the name of your blob to a definite phrase previous to you enter the game. For those who do not desire to use a plain color while playing, you can select to use a skin. Agario skins have no influence on your game play, although some people in the game may specially target players with a certain skin. Keep in mind that you will not be clever to employ a custom name while playing the game if you make a decision to use a skin name.

How to download for pc :

  • Download Bluestacks emulator from here.
  • Install Bluestacks by following on screen instructions.
  • Register your email (it should be Gmail account).
  • go to search and type .
  • once you find it tap on it and its installed in your pc.
  • for laptop or computer is installed !



in this tutorial ,you should be ready to:

  • Download for windows pc
  • Install for PC Windows 7/8/XP
  • Play in laptop or computer.

if you have any question please post it in comments section below.





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