Android Theme for Nokia Lumia 520/620/720/925 Windows Phone Download

Android theme for Nokia Lumia

Android theme for Nokia Lumia

Each and every person among us is aware of the popularity f Android operating system and the benefits it offers to its users.The operating system is highly customizable and you can continuously add new features to it and your phone becomes even more fun to use.This feature is being missed by the Windows Phone users and they always search for Android Skins for Lumia devices.But now you need not to worry anymore as I will be telling how you can Download Android theme for Nokia Lumia 520 and other Windows powered phones.

Windows phone users have always suffered from the shortage of good apps and they get the same much later than the Android and iOS users.Despite of this fact , Lumia phones are preferred by some due to their simple and user friendly interface.But this is not enough for the buyers.Android homescreen is a different class in itself and you get a lot of options right on your home without popping the menu out.In the last few days I noticed many searches on the web regarding :

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Android theme for Nokia Lumia

Android theme for Nokia Lumia

So I decided to solve this issue out for the Windows phone users and tell them the best Android launcher that is available on the App store for their phone.Before we move further , let us look at the features of Android KitKat launcher for Windows phone :

  • Smooth interface with butter flow navigation between homescreens
  • Add icons and application shortcuts to your Wallpaper page
  • Highly customizable wallpapers and live wallpapers
  • Add widget to turn on Bluetooth ,Wifi and other shortcuts by a single touch
  • Add folders to manage app that are of similar type


So there is absolutely no match of the Android OS when it comes to user interface and customization and you continuously add new features to Android based themes.There are a number of Android theme for Nokia Lumia phones available at the Windows App store but only a few of then are worth downloading and most of them are just for one time use and not efficient.Here is one App called KitKat Launcher for Nokia Lumia which we have reviewed and found a little genuine and you may give it a try.You may get the KitKat theme for Windows phone from the link blow.

        Click here to Download Android theme for Nokia Lumia phones.

The link directs you to the official Windows phone App store from where you may download Android Skin for Lumia series phones and enjoy running android background right on your Windows powered phone.No theme is absolutely perfect and the same we have found for this one.But you should wait a little more as some new apps are daily added for Windows phones and you might get a good and decent Android Launcher download for Nokia Lumia 520 etc.

You may post your doubts and views in the comments section below and connect with us through the same.Stay tuned for more and keep visiting.