Angry Birds Stella Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia  625 , 630 , 720 , 1320 etc ..

Angry Birds Stella for windows phones is a spin-off game app related to the Angry Birds Franchise, released by Rovio Entertainment, Limited on December 16, 2014. Just as in the original Angry Birds, players utilize a slingshot as their choice tool to shoot a variety of birds to various structures with the intent to pop the green pig opponents, located on, near, or in the structures. Angry Birds Stella is the second installment of the Angry Birds game franchise.

angry birds stella for Nokia Lumia

angry birds stella for Nokia Lumia

Stella, who is a lively and cute pink bird and her bird friends, who are always entrenched in exciting adventures, are on a very important quest that involves the protection of Golden Island, where these cute little birds live, from the mean and selfish Gale, the Bad Princess and her obedient piggy minions. Angry Birds features Stella and her friends, Dahlia, Poppy, Willow, and Luca, a brave group of friends who join forces to embark upon an all-important battle to save the island where they enjoy living happily from Gale, the Bad Princess who pilfered their scrapbook and who is wreaking havoc and destruction on their peaceful, magical land.

angry birds stella for Nokia Lumia

angry birds stella windows phone

This slingshot adventure is totally free to play, but offers optional in-app purchases to make your game-play experience easier and more fun! Be mindful that players require an internet connection on their Windows phone for game-play. Angry Birds Stella for Windows phones offers over 120 unique levels and six birds with unique personalities. Game-play includes collecting pictures and silly clothing for use in the game. Players are also challenged to beat their friends’ scores and to scan telepods that will allow players to gain extra birds to incorporate into their game. Each bird looks different and has unique personality features and skills.

You can check out the game at and stay in the loop by following Stella on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow Stella on Twitter at and on Facebook at

angry birds stella windows phone

angry birds stella nokia Lumia

Downloading Angry Birds Stella for Windows Phones

There are tow methods to download Angry Birds Stella for windows phone :

First method open your browser in your windows phone and go to this link :

Download Angry Birds Stella for windows phones | Nokia Lumia Series

Second method :

      1.  To successfully download Angry Birds Stella for your Windows mobile phone such as a Nokia Windows Mobile Phone, you will first be required to pay a visit to the Windows Phone Store to locate and download the game app. In your app list on your Windows Mobile Phone, simply tap the Windows Store tile. If you are prompted to do so, sign into your Microsoft account to gain access to the Windows Store.
      2. Tap the search icon to search and locate, “Angry Birds Stella”, typing it in exactly as shown in the aforementioned quote. When you have successfully located the game, tap it.
      3. Tap install to download the free game, Angry Birds Stella. It may take a few minutes for the game app to complete downloading and to complete installation. Therefore, it will not appear in your apps list until it has successfully downloaded.