Blade and Soul For PC Windows 7/8/10

There are a lot of different games that you can play when it comes to modern gaming. However, when you look at PC, and android options, you will find that the market is full of shovel ware. Finding the true gems that are free are interesting to find, and that’s where Blade and Soul comes into play. You’ll find that it is very much a unique, free offering, that doesn’t pull punches, even though many have found that there are a few ways to pay for certain cosmetic changes. As far as a massive multiplayer game, this takes the cake in a lot of ways. But is it truly as good as some reviewers say? Well, taking it to task, there are a few points to consider overall.



Blade and Soul For PC

Blade and Soul For PC

The Crux of Blade and Soul

For starters, the game is an epic quest. You are given a class, and much like other RPG type games, you are sent through a quest that is equal parts action, equal parts leveling up, and strategy to say the least. The game plays a lot like many other action online games, but with a few twists. Gameplay wise, you’re going to be battling a lot of enemies in real time, as well as fighting some huge bosses and villains that will take on some serious skill to get through.

Graphically, this game is stellar. You’re not going to find many games in the low cost of free areas that have such epic elements to them in terms of graphic design. Not only are the moving parts amazing, the backgrounds are well done, character animations are amazing, and the fluidity of the fighting engine is more than just hack and slash.

The learning curve isn’t too high, and that’s a testament to what NCSOFT has created here. You simply pick a race, pick a fighting style, and then start learning the actions to engage the enemy and defeat the villains. You can build up your power over time, you can grind, or you can pay money to circumvent a lot of the time consuming elements. The open world here is huge, even when you play on Android. 7 different classes give this game a balance of replay that you are going to absolutely enjoy.

For those that are concerned with small games, don’t worry, there are 45 levels found here, and the quest is broken up with several cut scenes, and animation. You can either kill and be ruthless, or you can take it slow and play the game more like an RPG in the traditional sense. Either way, it’s a lot like playing a fighting game at times, instead of just being drawn into the role playing world. There’s a nice balance here.

How To Get Blade and Soul For PC OR Android

First and foremost, the game is free. The game is absolutely free to play and you can stick to it if you’d want. You can download Blade and Soul For PC Windows 7/8/10  from the official Blade and Soul website, or you can find Blade and Soul in the Google Play Store. Once you download it, you will be able to execute the file, and go through the initial starting points. Within 10 or so minutes, you’ll be playing and enjoying this epic quest.

Is Blade and Soul  Worthwhile?

Here’s the bottom line, is it worth it? Absolutely! It’s free! Absolutely free to play, and go through the massive worlds. If you learn the moves, and you actually spend some time pushing your character, you will end up with a game that is just down right fun. You can plow through the levels or you can take your time, whatever game style you want, you can select a class and venture forth. It’s a fun game, it’s free, and graphically it’s compelling. This is a fun game, and that’s really all that matters.

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