Cinderella Free Fall for PC Windows and Mac

Download Cinderella Free Fall for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are those people who like keeping their minds always thinking and even when they want a game to help them rest they want a game which will get them to think a lot. Such games include the puzzles which one must maneuver ones way around to finally solve the missing digits or letters. If you are looking for such a game, then the Cinderella will offer you the best chance to have the perfect game which you can use to stimulate your brain by trying to solve the puzzles posed by the game.

Cinderella free fall for pc

Cinderella free fall for laptop

The features that make the Cinderella Free Fall for Computer outstanding:

  • The game has been developed with high quality gaming effects.
  • The quality of the game is also increased by the great animation features that have been incorporated in the game to help players enjoy the game even better.
  • The playing process is quite interesting. This is because you are only required to connect jewels by drawing lines through those jewels.
  • There is no specific way of connecting the jewels provided they form a straight line, it would be appropriate. So whether you connect them with a horizontal, diagonal, zigzag or vertical line, you will have solved on puzzle by connecting the jewels in any of those lines.
  • The more lines you make, the better your chances will be to get to the advanced features that will make you able to even move closer to complete the first hurdle.
  • The game is made of several levels and you will need to complete the objective of each level to be in a position to proceed to the other levels.
Cinderella free fall for computer

Cinderella free fall for Pc

How to install the Cinderella Free Fall for pc :

For the game to be installed on your PC, you will first need to download the bluestacks or andyroid application(emulator). This application acts as link for the PC to support the game features. The download process is quite simple since by:

  1. Simply visiting the official bluestacks website or anydroid.
  2.  Download the application (either one Bluestacks or andyroid) and  install it.
  3. Register you GMAIL account (it must be GMAIL account)
  4. Go to search and look for  Cinderella free Fall.
  5. The good thing is that the developers of this application(emulator) have made it accessible by both Windows and Mac computers.
  6. Tap on the game and its installed in your computer.
  7. Now you can Play Cinderella free fall for laptop.


With the above information, you will most definitely find it easy downloading this game which is precisely why you need to get the Cinderella Free Fall for Windows 7/8/xp and mac and keep your mind active at all times even when you are not working.

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