Color Smash Story is a game developed for android which was released in 2014 by Plarium Global.The game was last updated on the 20th of January 2015, where various bugs were fixed. Color Smash Story is played as a simple tap and move game set on a board in which you have to move the same coloured “colorines” to form groups of four which is friendly for all ages. The game can be played as a simple time waster, or as a gripping and addictive game to the likes of Candy Crush. As of today Color Smash Story has an estimated 50,000 downloads.

Colour Smash Story for pc

Color Smash Story for pc

The beginning of the game is easy to understand and starts you off on a simple yet gripping level. As the game progresses and you clear each level, you will find yourself with more challenges and in game items to collect. The game features a handy tutorial which allows the players to understand the game and objectives faster. This is a useful feature as the game does change often and new rules come into play. Without being excessively difficult, the game remains challenging and keeps the player hooked on for hours and many levels of fun.

This also co-insides with the stunning graphics and scenery provided in the game, and creates a fun and beautiful, time consuming game. Unlike most unknown games on the Google Playstore, I was pleasantly surprised that Color Smash Story had sleek, unbuggy controls. E.g. when swiping, not once did it lag or freeze on me. I especially liked being able to have lives in case I couldn’t figure out levels, which did happen lot,as the game was grippingly challenging.

Colour Smash Story for Windows Pc

Colour Smash Story for Windows Pc

One thing about the game that I didn’t like, however, was the sound effects that the Colorines made- it sounded feral and annoying to constantly hear every few seconds. Apart from this, the only other problem I found was connecting to Facebook. It just simply wouldn’t allow me to for almost an hour for an unknown reason, and looking through others comments I can see I wasn’t the only one who had experienced this.
Overall, I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone, especially those younger players or people with a tendency to play in their spare time as the levels come to a certain end eventually (as do most games). I think it’d be more suited to this demographic as they won’t get as frustrated if they get stuck or run out of levels, being casual players.

I did have fun playing the game, and there honestly wasn’t a lotto criticize as I know bugs can be fixed, and will be eventually. So go out and give this game a try if you’re into similar games like Candy Crush, you will NOT regret it!.

Colour Smash Story For Pc

Colour Smash Story For Pc

Download Color Smash Story  for  Pc windows 7/8/xp and Mac

Do you want to to play Color Smash Story in your windows pc? or Mac? here are two methods you can follow to play this game in your pc or mac


  • Click here to Download Bluestacks on Windows or Mac computer
  • Install Bluestacks by following on screen simple steps
  • Open Bluestacks after installing
  • Search for Color Smash Story and Click on Install
  • Play Game of Color Smash Story on PC anytime through Bluestacks


  • Click Here to Download Andyroid Emulator on Windows PC
  • Click on download option after going to above link
  • Install Andyroid by following on screen simple instructions.
  • Open Andyroid after you complete the installation
  • Sign in to Google Play using your Gmail account (must be gmail account)
  • Search for Game of Color Smash Story and Click on Install
  • You can play this game on your PC anytime using Andyroid

The above instructions were the sequential form of steps through which you may Download Game of Color Smash Story for PC and enjoy playing this game on Computer.The steps will help you to :

  • Install Game of Color Smash Story on Windows 7 / xp
  • Install Game of Color Smash Story on Windows 8
  • Game of Color Smash Story for Mac Download

We hope that t was easy to install Game of Color Smash Story for PC.But still if you find any issue in the above tutorial , you may post your comment in the comments section below.Stay tuned for more and keep visiting.