Combine 2 Hard Disk Partitions Into One Partition


How To Combine Or Join Two Hard Drive Partitions into One Partition In Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 


Have you ever wanted to perform a clean wipe on your PC without losing your important documents and without relying on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive? Well, all you really need is G-Parted, a free partition editor that you can use to graphically manage your hard drive partitions. It lets you do most of the things that Windows partition managers wouldn’t let you do freely without some few tweaks.


Combine Hard-Disk Partitions into one

Combine Hard-Disk Partitions into one


Creating and Deleting Partitions

This is relatively easy even using Windows Disk Management application. With G-Parted, you will be faced with a GUI that shows all the installed hard drives in your computer. You will then choose which hard drive you wish to create partitions from and which ones you feel like deleting. A simple right click will display a drop-down menu from which you can choose the action you want to perform on the partition.


Combining Two Partitions OR Merging Two Partitions :

Here also, G-Parted offers you a wide range of choices. Unlike Windows’ partition manager that restricts certain forms of merging or shrinking of hard drives, G-Parted lets you merge two different partitions even when both partitions contain data. When you merge 2 partitions using windows partitions manager , you would expect one of the hard drives to be totally empty, but with G-Parted, you can experience a little more control with no data lose (Please use this method with caution like backing up your hard drive before you do it BUT I did it without any problem).


Join Hard-Disk Partitions into one

Join Hard-Disk Partitions into one

Data Rescue :

Apart from creating and resizing partitions, G-Parted also comes with data rescue features that allow you to salvage data from a defective hard drive. Even though the application is not geared up for data recovery, it is still a handy tool in case you lack the relevant applications.


G-Parted also lets you manipulate a wide variety of file systems that may not be supported by Windows operating systems. Good examples of these file systems include btrfs, nilfs2, xfs, ufs, linux-swap, and hfs. Evidently, with G-Parted, there is literally nothing that you cannot do to a HDD partition.



HOW TO USE G-Parted :

Here are the steps you need to use G-Parted :

  1. Download G-Parted from HERE.
  2. after you download the ISO File go ahead and burn it on CD.
  3. The CD you prepared is BOOTABLE CD .
  4. Insert the CD in the computer where you want to use G-parted and then Turn off the computer.
  5. Turn the computer on and Boot from the CD.
  6. Follow on screen instructions.

In this tutorial you should be able to :

  1. Download G-parted .
  2. Install G-parted .
  3. Join two Hard disk partitions into one partition.
  4. Fix Hard Disk Data issues.


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