There are a lot of file manager applications for android devices. Computer File Explorer by Byte mobile is one such android mobile app which will help you in taking control over your files. With this android software you will be able to unleash the full potential of your device. The app comes with a lot of amazing and interesting features which you can use by installing it for free. Using computer file explorer you can not only view all the files which are present in your android device but also share them and edit them.

Computer File Explorer for android

Features of Computer File Explorer

Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this File explorer for android devices.  

  • Managing documents on a mobile phone can be little difficult but with computer file explorer, you will be able to manage all the documents in the desktop view no your android mobile phones.
  • Connect your computer using computer file explorer with your android phone and you will be able to access all the documents which are shared on the network using your android phone.
  • Make your android device as a FTP or SFTP client and share all the files easily. You just need a good internet connection and you will be able to use the FTP and the SFTP client on your android smartphone.
  • Use the application manager which will allow you to switch between different programs. You can also uninstall the applications which you are not using anymore by using the uninstaller. All the applications which you are using will be visible in the taskbar of this android application.
  • Computer file explorer comes with a built-in media player which can be used to access files in different formats. Using the media player you will be able to access photos, videos and even listen to your favorite songs.
  • All the images and android apk files are displayed with thumbnails which makes it extremely easy to manage them.
  • The zip support will come into play when you want to compress or extract the files which are present on your computer.
  • If your device is running slow you can kill all the tasks which are running on your smartphone using this application. This will help you in freeing up the resources and also increasing the speed of your device.
  • The side by side view of the application will allow you to open multiple folders at the same time.

How to install Computer File Explorer on android smartphones and tablets

You can follow the step by step guide shared below which will help you to download and install computer file explorer on android smartphones and tablets.

  1. Open Google Play store on your android device.
  2. Now using the search bar locate “Computer file explorer”. Open the application from the search results. Make sure you have opened the one which is developed by Byte mobile.
  3. Click on Install button which will start downloading the app and installation will automatically start.

Once installed, you will see Computer File Explorer in the app drawer of your android device.