Connect Android Phone to PC Using Airdroid

Connect Android Phone to Windows PC / MAC or Chrome OS over WIFI without Cable 

newly created Airdroid app is so amazing because it incredibly enhances life in that the Android App grants to people the capability to be able to have access to their Android phones or tablets by thus being enabled to manage them via the use of Windows enabled desktop computers, and Mac computers, by way of transfer over the internet.

The Airdroid app provides for your improved focus as it allows calls, texts, and apps to be pictured in front of you on a computer screen for easier viewing and functionality.

Additionally, by having the Airdroid transfer your information to the computer screen, you will be able to interact with it by way of responding by typing on a larger keyboard and by using the comfort of your computer’s mouse.

Furthermore, you will note that you will not need to be searching for an extra cable, which will enhance you to be able to transfer things more efficiently at a much quicker pace. When you have such a good app as the Airdroid App, this improves the quality of the functionality of your life in a very busy world on a daily basis.

When you are able to control your Android from your computer because of the installation of this state of the art Airdroid app, you will be better connected to those who are important in your world and to the things that really matter to you that help you live the quality of life you desire both personally and professionally.

Steps On How to connect your Android Phone to Windows PC / MAC OS X / Chrome OS :

  1. Download Airdroid app in your Android Phone.
  2. Download Airdroid in your Windows PC , MAC OS X OR CHROME OS .
  3. run Airdoid in you phone and then run Airdroid  in your PC , MAC or Chrome.
  4. Now read full tutorial from Airdroid on how to connect your Android Phone to PC / MAC or Chrome OS.


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