The world’s most popular custom ROM for android OS is set to go viral with its latest update CM 13. Cyanogenmod is preferred to stock ROMs since the users have more control over their devices. The latest development CM 13 is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, even this without the Android Os will have access to the recent features via cm 13.

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Why would you want Cyanogenmod 13? Here is why:

1. Privacy Control Unlike before, users will now be in a position to decline personal access to their devices, which has been auto- set by app sources when installing apps or uploading any files online.

2. Security Upgrade For phone security purposes, the fingerprint support is available. To only allow users to access their device as well as making online transaction authenticated.

3. Power Management With CM 13, it will be possible to save a high percentage on battery life. Automatically controlling the phone and even its apps to utilize very minimal power, which will keep the battery going.

4. Voice Command This feature is one of the most sophisticated additives of this ROM. Now on Tap can be accessed by pressing on the home button for a while and the user can speak out the information they want and it will be automatically be brought up. The same also applies when one wants to change a track to what they are listening by accessing voice control.

5. International Dialect Support Once installed the device can access and accommodate more than 70 international languages. This will make it popular for diversity and Learning.

6. Ease Connectivity Network With the battery power auto, manage feature devices with CM 13 will use less power connecting with nearby hotspots and scanning Bluetooth.

7. Work Access Access of all work related files and messages have been made possible by clicking the briefcase icon available on the status bar. In which all work related items are an automatically incorporated.

8. Multi- Window Support One will be able to operate a number of windows without closing others. Windows not in use are laid in the background and can be accessed. It is like having a Windows Phone, but you do not. You have CM 13.

9. Secure Booting The features are set to auto- monitor the whole device while booting. If OS is comprised, it notifies the user and it takes appropriate measures to fix.

8. Faster Chrome Slow browsing will be curbed by the new faster chrome browser inbuilt in this latest system of Cyanogenmod.
As users of devices keep wondering what next to make the tech world better and greater. Let us wait. Meanwhile, the above will keep us. CM 13 will indeed make what is already there much better, faster and safer. This newest update of Cyanogenmod 13 is a plus to the ROM.

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