DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

This is a free software that is meant for those who love to convert videos using their desktop. With the new DivX Plus, users can blissfully create, enhance and enjoy great videos. DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

Key Features of DivX plus are :

  • Using DivX plus your video can be converted into MKV and even AVI in just one click. It allows you to convert your videos in any renowned format that you want using any devices.
  • The latest features that can be found in DivX plus are, you can convert your videos to MKV and DIVX for free by utilizing the conversion option of the software along with the 3rd party tools that are found here.
  • The next feature is the new Mp4 profile available as 2 profiles that can be used to convert the videos for your iPads and iPhones.
  • This software even has a video streaming, that is turns video to DLNA compatible devices. With this download the user can find a free DivX Plus player which can be utilized to view AVI, MVK, Mp4, MOV and DivX modes of videos both in your PC and even at any online site.
  • Browser: the software is compatible with many web browsers like Internet Explorer (5 or higher), Firefox (1.0 or higher), Mozilla (1.7.0 or later), Netscape from version 8.0 and Opera

Let your world of videos be blessed with the latest tools and aesthetics provided by the promised and highly configured DivxPlus. DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC


  • The software allows easy distribution of your videos on the Internet.
  • It can download videos and offers a friendly and intuitive interface.


  • No tool tip.
  • Controls could use text help. For example, the control to name a playlist on the lower left of the interface is not exactly intuitive.

DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

To download DivX Plus Web Player for PC , please click the below link :


The main controls of the player are like those of any DVD player: the play, pause, fast forward and reverse buttons are available. Besides, there are recording controls as well as controls that let you display videos in the full screen mode and set subtitles. The audio enhancer tool allows you to improve audio quality; you will be able to adjust fidelity, ambience, 3D surround, dynamic boost and hyperbass. The three processing modes available are Speech, Music 1 and Music 2. Current time and total time displays tell you where exactly on the video timeline you are. The media library display is very convenient to review your media contents, their characteristics, date acquired etc. DivX Plus Web Player Free Download For PC

What’s new in Divx Plus Web Player

  • Interactive menus allow you to quickly navigate between various scenes or bonus features and select from audio track and subtitle options
  • XSUB subtitles enable you play multiple language subtitle sets
  • XTAG video tags contain descriptive information about DivX video files such as the title, author and video specifications used in the file’s creation

DivX Plus Web Player is the first alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player. It promises better performance, battery life, and video quality, all in one shot.