A lot of strategy games have been launched in Google Play store lately. Army of heroes is another strategy game which is available in Google Play store for all the android smartphones and tablets. It’s time to become part of a battle against millions of players in army of heroes. The game has the online multiplayer mode where you will be competing with players all across the world. Build your base from scratch and upgrade it so that it can withstand all the attacks with other players and enemies plan on your base. Create an army of heroes and train them by teaching them different strategies which will help them in the battlefield.

Army of Heroes for PC

Army of Heroes For PC windows 7/8/10

Use helicopters, military boats and trucks to transport your army outside the enemy base in the game. As you are the leader of your army you can assign and easily change the target when you are in the battlefield. There are different mercenaries in the game which you can recruit in your army. You can select mercenaries on the basis of their capabilities in the game. Select from the egghead rocket launcher scientist to mad as hell machine gunner.

There are many key locations in the game which you have to conquer. In order to conquer these locations you have to defeat your enemies. Some of the key locations which are open for conquering in the game are oil towers, air ports, scientific labs and even hospitals. You can play army of heroes with your friends who are already playing this game. You can invite them and if you win the matches you will get gifts in return. Army of Heroes can be played on all the android devices and that is by downloading from google play store. To play this game on a computer you are required to download and install Bluestacks app player. Follow the step by step guide which we have mentioned below as it will help you in paying Army of Heroes for PC.

How to play Army of Heroes for PC

  1. To play the game you are required to download and install Bluestacks app player. As the software is available for free, you can download it by searching in google.
  2. Once downloaded you can begin the installation by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. The next thing which you have to do once installation is complete is configuration of the app player. To configure Bluestacks app player use your Google username and password. Make sure that you have entered correct username and password as you won’t get access if you are entering wrong details.
  4. Once you have received access to Google Play store open the main menu and tap on the Play store icon. Search “Army of Heroes” and open the game from search results which are displayed.
  5. Click on Install button and Army of heroes will be installed on your computer.

Once installed you will find Army of heroes in the My Apps section.