Bubble Coco is a puzzle game which is developed by CookApps. This is a brand new puzzle game which you will find in Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets. Pop all the bubbles and clear the puzzles in bubble coco. Mr Fox and his gang is having chicks of Coco and it is your responsibility to save them. It all happened one night when Coco woke up and saw that her chicks were missing. Coco was sure that the culprit of this heinous activity was no one other than Mr. Fox. Use the slingshot and guide the bubbles so that you can bring Coco’s babies back to her in Bubble Coco.

Bubble CoCo for pc

The gameplay of bubble coco is challenging. You have to shoot all the bubbles and its takes a lot of precision to make it possible. There are hundreds of levels in this game which you will love to play. You will come across many traps in the game which are set by Mr. Fox. The slime bubble is one of the worst traps which you will find in this game which will permit you from reaching the goal.

There are different boosters in the game which will help you in the game. Lightning bubble is one of the best powerups which you will find in the game as it will help you in giving a good shock. You can also use the rockets to destroy the enemies. Bubble Coco is available in Google Play store which makes it possible for one to play this game on PC. A lot of readers of our website have requested us to share a method to play Bubble Coco for PC. Today we will show you how you can use a software called Andy android emulator to play Bubble Coco and other android games and applications on your computer.

How to play Bubble Coco for PC

The guide which we are going to share below will help you in playing Bubble coco on your PC. We are going to use Andy android emulator which is one of the best software’s which you can use for playing any android game or application on PC. Simply follow the steps shared below and you will be able to run this game on PC.

  • Firstly you have to download Andy Android emulator from the official website. You can also search for “Andy android emulator setup” in Google which will show you the setup file. Open the first link and begin downloading it.
  • Once downloading is completed, you have to begin the installation of this software. Follow steps mentioned on screen and you will be able to install Andy android emulator.
  • Once installation is complete you can start begin the configuration process. To complete configuration phase of this guide enter Google account details. Once details are added open the main menu.
  • You will find a search bar there. Enter “Bubble Coco” in the search bar and you will find this game in search results.
  • Open the game and click on Install button which will begin downloading and installing Bubble Coco for PC.

This is how you can easily play Bubble Coco for PC using Andy Android emulator.