Clash of Kings is a multiplayer, real time strategy game released on the Android platform. The basic outline of the game puts you in the middle of a battle for 7 kingdoms. You have to develop your city, build various buildings, armies, defense, and you battle with other players in a PVP role.

clash of kings in windows

Clash of Kings for PC windows 7/8/10

The main draw of Clash of Kings is putting your armies and defense to test against other players. You can make enemies, or friends, all over the map. Work together with others to take control of the kingdoms, or try to go it alone and see how far you can get.
The world and 7 kingdoms within the game are massive, there is a lot to explore. So expect to put a lot of time into exploring and attacking different targets far and wide. There are thousands of players in each world to interact with, so you never have to look too far for some combat. Attacking and beating other players will make you stronger, and make other enemies fear you!

The graphics are really good in this game, a lot of time has been invested in the development side. This always enhances the game play experience, the bar is always being raised in regard to what gamers expect and Clash of Kings delivers a high quality, well-polished product.


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Some of the gameplay features included in Clash of Kings: Real time strategy PVP game play, battle with others while online and offline. Build up your tower defense to try and see off attacks, while developing your army to seek revenge on those who attack you.
Build a strong empire by gathering resources and investing in building upgrades. You can steal resources from other players to speed up the gathering process, but be wary of making too many enemies early on.
Work with other real players to increase your power and overcome enemies. Joining an alliance with other players will help you form strong friendships, then you can plan coordinated attacks and win larger battles.
Build massive armies and battle other players all over the map. You can only prove your dominance by destroying others in the way. Battling for the 7 kingdoms involves just that, battling with others.
Communicate with other players with the chat function, make friends, and formulate battle plans. The social side is an important part of the game play.


clash of kings in windows

clash of kings for pc windows 7/8/10


Download Clash of Kings for Windows PC Or Mac :

Now you might thing how to :

  • Download clash of kings in Laptop or Desktop.
  • Play clash of kings in windows xp .
  • Run clash of kings in windows 7 .
  • Install clash of kings in windows 8 .
  • Download clash of kings in windows 10 .
  • Download clash of kings in Mac.


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To answer the above question you need to install an emulator to run this game in your computer.

There are several available emulators in the market you can download them for free such as Bluestacks , andyroid and GenyMotion.


Steps to Play Clash of Kings in PC and Mac :

  • Download Bluestacks from here  OR Andyroid from here .
  • Install your emulator following on screen instructions.
  • Run the emulator then register your email in the emulator it should be ( gmail account).
  • Then look for clash of kings in search section in  the emulator.

And you should be ready to play clash of kings for PC / laptop and mac.



In Summary

Clash of Kings is a free app to download, however there is the option for in-game purchase. This has become a fairly standard type of game play model now. You can work hard and earn you way to victory, or make some purchases to speed up your development. The choice is yours, but either way you still get to enjoy the great game-play.
If you have played other multiplayer strategy games before on the mobile platform you’ll know what to expect. Clash of Kings is better than most other games in this genre, there are a few extra play modes, the maps are bigger, and the interfaces are smooth and easy to use. I would certainly recommend anyone who enjoys this genre of game to give Clash of Kings a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Hope this article was useful  if you have any question please post it in the comments section below.