Destiny App Companion For PC Download  Windows 7/8/10

You’ve just bought Destiny: The Taken King (thereby getting a good discount on loads of content that early adopters curse you for after they’ve already paid for all those expansions). But you keep on seeing all those alerts about “Grimoire Cards” and you wish you could show off your tricked-out Guardian to your friends while you’re not playing. Bungie and Activision have taken a bold new step in providing mobile companion apps to console video game and the Destiny companion app (see below how to Download Destiny For PC ) shows off the ideal type of mobile service a gaming company can provide.

Inventory Management

First of all, you can manage the items and gear in your profile and remove from and place items into your personal vault while you play the game live. Want that new shader you won from a strike for your next strike but you can’t hold any more of these items? Use the app and manage your inventory even when you aren’t near the Tower (the game’s main lobby or hub) where your vault is. Want to change your armor without pushing pause while on a raid? Change it with the app in-game. This flexible inventory management system really comes in handy when in combat – when you can’t change things without getting fragged and having to start all over again on that daily mission.

Lore Compilation

The main frustration people feel about Destiny is the lack of an overarching storyline and an adequately built cosmology. Other MMO’s like World of Warcraft have tons of in-game lore guides that help flesh out that world. While having to go online to find out why you’re killing these aliens can be a buzzkill, you do have access to the backstory for every enemy, friend and setting this game has to offer. In fact, access the Destiny Grimoire with the companion app is a much smoother experience as opposed to logging on via your computer. It’s much easier to navigate the Grimoire interface via this app rather than scroll through various pages that have to load just so you can learn who Eris Morn is.

Account Management

The best part about the app reveals itself when you have multiple guardians on one account. If you want that particular scout rifle sitting in your vault to be equipped for your Warlock rather than your Hunter, you can move it from your vault to your other character with the companion. Managing items across characters normally require going to the tower or logging out of one character and signing into another just to go back to the Tower to remove your weapon or other item from your vault. Using the app makes changing items in your vault much faster without having to stop what you’re already doing, whether it be a strike or going to kill Crota or Oryx. As long as you have your smartphone handy while playing Destiny, you will be able to manage your account and all it’s characters flexibly and swiftly. Happy hunting, Guardian.

Download Destiny App On PC / Laptop :

Now you want to Download and run Destiny On PC , There is a way to do that through an emulator such as Andy emulator or Bluestacks .In this article we will write about how to download Destiny For PC using Bluestacks which is the best emulator available for free ( the process of downloading and installing bluestacks is the same for Andy emulator) .

Steps to Run Destiny For PC :

  1. Download Bluestacks for thier official website (
  2. Install the downloaded .exe file in your PC or Laptop .
  3. Run the Bluestacks and register your email for Play store ( it must be Gmail account ) .
  4. Go to Search section and type Destiny .
  5. Destiny for PC is installed  and ready to run it in your computer .


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