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Dr Driving for PC

The mobile phone gaming market comprises thousands of Racing games from Asphalt to Need for Speed and Real Racing.Apart from the the high end graphic oriented games , there is a new player these days known as Dr Driving which takes you to the basics of driving and teaches you how to dive a car in the games and to an extent in reality also.Android games are also getting popular of Computer and more people are wanting to get rid of bulky PC games that takes hours to load and are shifting towards light mobile games.Dr Driving is among those and toady we will be telling how you can Download Dr Driving for PC and play Dr Driving on Computer.

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Dr Driving is developed by SUD Inc which has also given some other casual games by the same title Dr which implies that the games intend to teach you the basics of the field concerned.Nobody has expected that the game with nominal graphics and a simple theme could emerge as a new big hit in the Android market and would take over the big racing games.Dr Driving is also getting popular on Computers these days and this was evident form the millions of searches on the web done by PC users regarding :

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So I decided to come up with this article where I will be telling you how to Download Dr Driving for PC and play this game right on your Windows/Mac powered personal Computer.The reason behind the immense popularity of this game are the need for quick reflexes and powerful control on your car that makes you stick to this game and eventually turns into an addiction.Before we move further in this post and look at the steps to Install Dr Driving on Computer , let us look at some of the features of this game :

  • Enhance your driving skills with the simple yet addicting racing game that will take you to the real streets rather than a racing track where the actual abilities will be tested.
  • Drive according to the directions and earn coins on every right move without crashing
  • Once crashed , the game will be over , this tells about the sensitivity of the ride
  • You can earns coins to unlock new cars and every time you drive , you degrade the health of your car that will need service eventually
  • Compete with your friends and if you finish a target before them , you get free gold coins
  • Play Multiplayer and Log in to Facebook to get free coins and see your score among the friends
  • The game play is simple yet is compels the player to play it again and again in order to get perfection
  • You can set the viewing and according to your convenience while racing

Dr Driving for PC

So you can see that Dr Driving is undoubtedly the best racing game that will teach you all the tips and tricks to be a successful driver on the streets.Hence this game has been in great demand on the Computers too and now I will be telling you How to Download Dr Driving on Computer with the help of an Android Emulator which is an amazing software.Now you must be thinking : What is an Android Emulator ?

An Android Emulator is a software that emulates Android operating system on your Windows/Mac powered personal computer and enables you to Play and Run Android games and apps right on your PC without any issues.In short , Emulator turns your Computer into an Android smartphone.Here in this post , I will be using Andyroid Emulator which is new in the amrket but is feature loaded and better than the rest of Emulators available till date.Andyroid enables you to use your phone and a remote control to play apps and games on your computer.

Steps to Download Dr Driving for PC  :

  1. Click Here to download Andyroid to Play Dr Driving on Computer
  2. Download the Emulator on your Windows PC
  3. Install Andyroid by following simple steps
  4. Run the Andyroid Emulator after installation is complete
  5. Sign in to Google Play and Search for Dr Driving in the search box and Click on Install
  6. Dr Driving will be downloaded and your PC and you can play iy anytime from Andyroid

This was a complete series of steps that will Download Dr Driving on Windows PC using Andyroid emulator.The above tutorial will also help you if you want to :

  • Install Dr Driving on Computer
  • Install Dr Driving on Windows 7
  • Download Dr Driving for Windows 8
  • Play Dr Driving Onlne
  • Dr Driving for Windows XP download

This tutorial was simple enough and will help you to Play Dr driving Online on your computer anytime and anywhere with ease.But if you still find any problem in Installing Dr Driving for PC , you may feel free to post your doubts in the comments section below.Thank you for reading this post.Stay tuned with us for more and keep visiting.