How to Download Free MP3

Download Free MP3 from Youtube

how to download free mp3

 You can download ANY song in mp3 format by following very easy steps:

* Step 1 : Go to and search for the song you want to download.
* Step 2 :after you search for the song ,copy the url of the song .
* Step 3: once you copy the url of the song, click on this link:
*Step 4: after you go to  the above mentioned link , you will see a space where you can past your URL song .
* Step 5:click on convert to video .
* Step 6:your song is converted to mp3! and downloaded to you PC or Phone!.

In this article you should be able to know:

* How to  download free mp3 in your computer

* How to download free mp3 in your phone

This is an easy  download without an expansive or commercial software , enjoy!.
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