Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC Mac

Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC Mac

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games in the world right now it is on almost every platform you can imagine from those using Facebook to smart phones using the android OS as well as on iPhoness, the iPod Touch and iPads worldwide. With almost 48,000,000 subscribers a month on Facebook the popularity of this game continues to increase as time goes on.


Sequels and new levels are continually being added. The current number stands at 770 levels for the standard version and 500 levels for the Dreamworlds version for the original Candy Crush Saga.


The latest installment “Candy Crush Soda Saga” is looking to be a smash hit as well.

This addictive and highly playable game has very simple rules, but its hypnotic sound effects and colorful screens attract you back again and again for continued playing. In fact, once you start playing this game it’s almost impossible to stop.


First Released in 2013

It’s hard to imagine that KING released its Predecessor game is only two years ago and has such a large following in so many countries around the world and in virtually all the known languages as well.


KING, which was launched in 2011, never imagined that this simple match three game would be such a powerful draw and propel them into gaming stardom. In fact, the game is so popular KING was able to launch a successful IPO and is making phenomenal profits for its investors.


In November, they released a new entry in the Candy Crush Empire. Now with Candy Crush Soda Saga, King is looking to not only match the popularity of the original but also go beyond. The original Candy Crush Saga was netting $633,000 a day. This is a fabulous sum considering the game is free for you to download.


The Sequel not only offers the same excitement, but adds new characters and a different gaming system this changes the parameters of play a bit but keeps the same playability and excitement that you’ve grown used to and enjoy.


You also have the same characters that you grown to love in the previous version and on the game’s initial release, you get 155 of the most delicious and sugar filled levels to keep those boring hours during your commute to work with fun filled activity.


Yes, adults play this game, some say more so than the children, who it was originally was the target audience for this series of games. It seems there’s still a child in all of us who enjoys playtime.

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You still have the tried-and-true match three that makes this game so addicting. Now however they’ve added upside down bottles filled with bubbly and frothy soda, hence the title of the game. KING has stuck to their award-winning formula and expanded on it to take you to new heights of excitement.


 Secrets Guide on Amazon

This game is still virtually brand-new and already Amazon is putting out not one, but three player’s guides, which claim to let you in on all the secrets on all the levels.


While many diehard players scorn these types of publications, Amazon is making quite a tidy profit on these guides. This game while simple to play can be quite frustrating at times and in some instances, people have been known to spend weeks attempting to get to the next level.


This is the targeted market for these books. Since the Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga are both now available for the Kindle, you can download these user tips and tricks guides as well as an extremely well done secrets of the Candy Crush Saga user guides as well.


The Kindle allows you to switch back and forth from the game to the guide of your choice to help get you through those situations that have been frustrating your achieving the higher levels. You of course don’t have to tell anyone you’re using such things.


candy crush soda

Candy crush soda

KING is Still King

With this newly released free app, Candy Crush Soda Saga, KING is well on its way to having another hit. While many millions players are playing both this new entry and new players are starting to discover the excitement of both the original and this new highly addictive and fun game. Both of which are suitable for everyone whatever age they may be.


This is unique that such a game is so popular amongst all the zombies, first-person shooters, and other violence prone apps on the market today.


The original was the top-rated app of 2013 and Candy Crush Soda Saga is looking to become more popular than its sibling does. Which means KING is still king.

Download candy crush soda in windows and mac

Now you might thinking how to download:

  • Candy crush soda in windows xp.
  • Candy crush soda in windows 7 .
  • Candy crush soda in windows 8 .
  • Candy crush soda in  Mac.


You need an emulator like Bluestacks or andyroid.

First of all you need to install the emulator then after you install it look for candy crush soda saga inside the emulator and install the game inside the emulator.

  1. Download Bluestacks from here:
  2. Install bluestacks
  3. register your email ( it should be with gmail)
  4. Go to search and look for candy crush soda saga.
  5. tap candy crush soda to install it in your pc under Bluestacks emulator.
  6. it done installed!


Or look for apk file for candy crush soda  in the internet and install it from there.

The other way is download Andyroid from here and follow the above mentioned steps.

After reading this article you shuold be able to download :

  • Candy crush soda in windows xp.
  • Candy crush soda in windows 7.
  • Candy crush soda in windows 8.
  • Candy crush soda in IOS Mac.

Hope this tutorial  is useful on how to download and run candy crush soda in windows pc and mac.