Developed by Supercell, Hay Day is a farming game which will engage you in all the faming activities using your Android smartphone. The game is available for free download at the Google Play store and you don’t even need a single penny to run your farm, however there are some in-app purchases which will fasten all the farming process in the game. In this game you will come across different characters, animals.

With the new update in this game you get to build your very own town. Trains bring customers to your town and it’s your responsibility to serve your customers and make them happy because in return your customers will not only pay you money but also rewards, experience points and along with that reputation points. In your farm you can grow and harvest crops. There are different crops and vegetables which you can grow and harvest such as potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, wheat, soybean and many more. Different crops have different harvesting time and once they ripe you can cut them and store in your barn. You need to get more and more experience points in order to get higher levels in the game and this is possible by completing truck, boat orders and selling to your customers. This will bring your money and experience points.

Hay Day for PC

To increase your farming activities you can install several different machines in your farm which will help in increasing the production of your farm. Some of the machines which you can install in your farm are Coffee maker, cake maker, jam maker and many more. With higher levels you will get different machines to use on your farm. You are having different dogs, cats, horses and even bunnies around your farm and it’s your responsibility to feed them from time to time otherwise they will starve and will become weak. Hay Day is all about farming and will take your farming experience to the next level.

Use your boat to go to the pond which is right next to your farm where you can rest in the peaceful environment and catch different fishes. You get rewarded for catching different species of fishes. Now only you can catch fishes but you can also catch lobsters in the pond.

How to Play Hay Day on PC

There is no PC version available of Hay Day, however you can play this game on Facebook. If you want to have the entire farming experience on your PC you will be happy to know that we know one way using which you can play Hay Day on your PC. You just need one software and you will be able to play Hay day on PC. Follow the instructions mentioned below:-

  • Download and Install Bluestacks from here.
  • Open the software after you have installed it
  • Go to the Search Bar and Type Hay Day
  • You will see Hay Day on your screen, open it and download it.
  • Once it has downloaded open it and you are ready to play Hay Day on your PC.