Download Hay Day for Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia 520/620/720/625

Hay Day for Windows Phone

When it comes to Strategy games there are a lot of options available on the web but there are only a few leaders who rule the market.Candy Crush Saga , Pet Rescue Saga and Hay Day are a few names.Hay Day has made it it among the most popular and widely downloaded games on all the leading mobile platforms due to its interesting game play and amazing graphics that will catch your attention at the first attempt.And today we will be telling how you can download Hay Day for Windows Phone and other Nokia Lumia Series phones.

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Hay Day is developed by Supercell who has also given another Big Hit known as Clash of Clans to the smartphone world.The popularity can be estimated by the fact that Hay Day has recorded over 10,000,000 active installation on the mobile phones all over.Because of the same hype we found many Windows phone users around the web searching for :

  • Hay Day for Windows Phone
  • Hay day game for Windows Phones
  • Hay Day for Nokia Lumia
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Hence we decided to come up with this article where we will be telling you how you can Download Hay Day for Windows Phone if you have  Nokia Lumia series phone.Before we move further , let us take a close look at various features of the game Hay Day :

  • Get back to nature and experience the peaceful, simple life of working the land and rearing chickens, pigs, cows and sheep.
  • Make a name for yourself by harvesting crops and building bakeries, sugar mills and dairies that turn your fresh produce into wholesome goods.
  • Trade your goods with your friends at your very own roadside shop and by advertising your products in the newspaper
  • Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm
  • Buy and sell your healthy, farm-fresh produce at the roadside shop
  •  Play and trade with your friends on Facebook
  •  Easy, fun touch gestures that mimic real farming activities
  • Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities!
  •  Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive!

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Hay Day for Windows Phone

So you can see that Hay Day is the best farm game available in the market that will take you back to the old days where your grandfather used to raise a Farm.

Unfortunately Hay Day for Windows Phone has not been released in the market yet and you will certainly have to wait to play this game on your Nokia Lumia phone. The reason for the unavailability of Hay Day for Windows Phone is the fact that Windows operating system has not been optimized for heavy game like this.Rumors claim that Hay Day for Windows Phone might be released soon as developers are working continuously to make Hay Day available for all leading mobile phone platforms worldwide.

Click Here to Download Hay Day for Windows Phone.

The link takes you to the Official Windows App Store form where you can Download Hay Day for Windows Phone and other Nokia Lumia series phones whenever the game will be released for Windows platform.

Thank you for reading Hay Day for Windows Phone.Stay tuned with us for more and don not forget to post your views in the comments section below.Keep visiting.

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