The Legend of Zealot Android game was released on January 5, 2015 by Gamefun Technology. This completely free to download and play fantasy combat MMORPG presents game-play as you in the role of the best Zealot Warrior in the sanctuary. You have been charged with the insurmountable mission awaiting you in the deep north, where the ancient frost titan is battling the council. You have been charged per an order from the Archbishop to assassinate their king prior to their army’s departure from the north. They plan to cause devastation if they are successful in leaving the north. Beware, because the lord of frost titan, Angiris Falari, is sly and fierce. The frost titans have been pit against you and the Ice Elemental has fallen and has joined them against you. War is on its way.

The Legend of Zealot for pc

The Legend of Zealot for pc

This mission for which you have been charged will not be easy, but if you succeed, you will be a legendary warrior that will go down in history. To successfully complete the mission the Archbishop has charged you with, you will require the use of gear refinement, jewel socketing, and your faithful friends to optimize your omnipotence and overcome your most powerful enemies. You can opt to join guilds to make strategizing battle quests much easier. You have the ability to talk to your friends during game-play for a more enjoyable social experience that makes strategizing all that much simpler.

The Legend of Zealot Android Game offers intensive turn-based battle and the rich, vivid graphics in this game lend to its realistic, movie-like appearance. On your team is a huge orgre, an elf, a ghost knight, and a magical mage. Hundreds of morph cards afford you the ability to transform as orcs, elves, the living dead, titans, dragons, and other fantastical mythological creatures. A wide range of interactions makes each player a living part of this fantasy universe.
To install this game app for play on your Android specific mobile phone or other mobile device can be installed by utilizing the Google Play Store. You will need an internet or mobile data connection to both download the Legend of Zealot Android Game and to play it once you have successfully downloaded it. To install this game via the Google Play Store, if you have not done so already, add a Google Account to your mobile device or phone that runs Android. You must then open the Google Play Store app Google and search for the Legend of Zealot Android Game. Once you have successfully located the game, select it and touch install. Its totally free to download and enjoy. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the game.

The Legend of Zealot for pc

The Legend of Zealot for pc

You can also play the Legend of Zealot Android Game on your Chromecast enabled device through the Chromecast apps page. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a physical controller that’s wirelessly connected to Chromecast. To install the Legend of Zealot Android Game on Chromecast, use the Chromecast Cast Store. Once installed, search for the Legend of Zealot Android Game app and download it to enjoy game-play through your TV or monitor for a larger screen experience!


If you are ready to play this fun and challenging game, simply install it in  your Windows pc and Mac by following simple steps:

  1. Download BlueStacks from here.
  2. Install BlueStacks (follow on screen instructions).
  3. Click on BlueStacks icon (where you install it)
  4. Add Gmail account.
  5. Look for The Legend of Zealot in search section.
  6. Install The Legend of Zealot   in your computer.
  7. thats it ready to play this game in your pc.

there is another method you can use to download and install The Legend of Zealot or Pc and Mac by :

  1. Download Andyroid from here.
  2. Install Andyroid (follow simple instructions).
  3. click on andyroid icon.
  4. Add Gmail account.
  5. Look for The Legend of Zealot   in search section.
  6. tap on The Legend of Zealot and install it from there.
  7. Ready to play this game in your windows pc and mac.

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  • Download The Legend of Zealot for  Pc Windows .
  • Download The Legend of Zealot for Mac.

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