Android app store or Google Play store is having a great collection of games. You will find games belonging to different categories in Google Play store. If you like to play arcade games then you should try playing pop the lock, an arcade game which is available in Google Play store for all android smartphones and tablets. In this game you have to jus tap in the proper sequence so that the lock can be popped. Pop the locks and find out what is the maximum number of locks which you have popped in pop the lock.

Download Pop the lock for pc

There are no missions or achievements which one has to complete in the game. There are locks in the game and as a player you have to unlock all the locks. Unlocking the locks is very easy as you just have to tap on the screen. A sequence needs to be maintained to unlock all the locks in pop the lock. Unlock the maximum number of locks and make the highest score possible in pop the lock.

There is no doubt that you can play pop the lock on your android smartphones and tablets but to get the best experience of this android game you can play it on your PC. Yes, you heard it right. You can play pop the lock on your computers and laptops too. Software’s which are known as android emulator help in playing all the android games on PC’s. If your PC is running on Windows or Mac operating system you can easily play pop the lock on it. Have a look at the guide which we have shared below as it will help you to play pop the lock for pc.

How to play pop the lock for PC

As we have mentioned above that we are going to take help of an android emulator for playing this game. The software which we are going to use is Andy Android emulator. There are other software’s also available but Andy android emulator is one of the best software’s and comes with user friendly interface. Follow the steps shared below which will help you to play pop the lock for PC.

  1. Go to Google and search for Andy Android emulator. This will show you the official website of andy. Select the website and open it so that you can download andy android emulator setup file.
  2. The setup file will be downloaded and the installation process can be started. In order to install the software one has to follow the steps which are given by andy android emulator.
  3. The next thing which needs to be done is configuration of the software. Add the username and password of the google account which will give you access to google play store in the software.
  4. Now you are ready to download pop the lock on your PC.
  5. Open the main menu and then click on the search bar. Find “Pop the lock” and start downloading it.
  6. Within minutes pop the lock will be installed and downloaded on your PC.

This is how you can easily play pop the lock on PC using Andy android emulator.