Download Spooky Pop For PC Windows (xp/7/8/10)| Mac

Download Spooky Pop in Windows pc (xp 78)| Mac

There was a new game released by Finnish mobile game developer Supercell. Supercell is known as the company behind games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. You have probably, if not played, then at least heard of all of those games, and Spooky Pop is the newest and possibly best.

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It’s the same kind of match three puzzle adventure game as things like Candy Crush Saga, but with a different twist to it that leaves it feeling refreshing and new rather than just the same old game.

spooky pop

spooky Pop

The story goes that a Professor opened a portal to the supernatural world and now has to deal with all the spectres he has released with the help of his gang of volunteers.

The game play consists of you matching blocks to power up the team and defeat the invader ghosts, with boosts and combos to help fully power up, and with punishments such as the monsters taking out your heroes if you mess up.

Like the other Supercell games and other games in the genre, the spooky pop mobile game starts out deceptively simply, but eventually becomes more difficult, with new ghosts and challenges introduced as you go on, and boosts forcing you to strategize to get them.

If all you do is go for the simplest solution it’ll work for a while but eventually it won’t be enough to get you through it.

The changes are gradual and introduced smoothly enough that you don’t really start realizing how much of a challenge it is until you’ve tried to beat the same level multiple times but just can’t and think to yourself “When did this get so hard?” and that helps the game truly shine.

There is also the social media interaction infused with the game, such as the ability to play with and challenge your friends and family.

While at first it may appear to be just another match three game, the spooky pop phone game really sets itself apart in many ways. The gameplay is a uniquely new experience, the theme is different from any I’ve seen before, and the indefinable feeling of the game is different from others in the genre.

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It’s not a new idea, but the game is executed in a new and excitingly different way. This isn’t just another in the mass of faceless games trying to cash in on the new match three craze, this game could easily, if not redefine the genre, then at least blaze the trail for a new kind of match three, a new experience in what can become a bit of a grey blur of releases.


spooky pop

Spooky Pop

It’s nice to see a company daring to move away from their comfort zone and make a bold move into a new genre of releases and do this well at it. Perhaps in the future we’ll be seeing even more Supercell games in many different genres, giving gamers a pleasant experience one and all.

Spooky Pop in Windows Pc and Mac

You might have a question on how to :

  • Download spooky pop in pc
  • Download spooky pop in windows xp
  • Download spooky pop in windows 7
  • Download spooky pop in windows 8
  • Download spooky pop in mac.

To answer the question above you need an emulator,the emulator will work in between the android game and windows to make them compatible, there are several avilable emulators in the market such as Bluestacks,andyroid,Genymotion,windowsAndroid , xpadian and other several ones.

Steps to download Spooky Pop in Windows using playstore :

  1.  Download Bluestacks from here or Andyroid from here.
  2.  Install the emulator.
  3.  register your email in your emulator it should be gmail account.
  4. Look for Spooky Pop in the search section.
  5. Download spooky pop and you should be ready to play spooky pop in windows or mac

there is another method you can download and run Spooky Pop in Windows by using xpadian download xpadian and install it then look for spooky pop in xpadian.

Please note this game is available in canada and Australia in play store and its available in apple apps store (download xpadian) for the whole world.

In this article you should be able to :

  • Download spooky pop in pc
  • Download spooky pop in windows xp
  • Download spooky pop in windows 7
  • Download spooky pop in windows 8
  • Download spooky pop in mac

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