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A lot of people love Star Wars. There are many games which you will find in Google Play store themed on Star Wars. We already have shared many games themed on Star wars on our website in the past and today we are going to share a brand new game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The game is developed by one of the best android game developers which is Electronic Arts. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes brings role playing fun on all the android smartphones and tablets. Play with all your favorite star wars characters like the Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and many others in Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes.

download galaxy star wars for pc

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes For PC Windows 7/8/10

Build your team of storm troopers so that you can battle against your enemies and kill them in the game. The game is having all the locations which were present in the Star Wars movies. Create a strong team, train it and step in the battlefield to take down your enemies. You can not only add storm troopers but also other characters to the game which were present in the movie. You have to train all the main characters in the game too as they are going to help you the most in defeating your enemies.

A lot of missions similar to the ones in Star Wars are also in this game. Completing the missions will allow you to unlock further missions in the game. Once you have unlocked all the missions and completed them you will be able to unlock special characters from the dark side or the light side as the choice is entirely yours. As the title of this post says, today we are going to share the method to play Star Wars: galaxy of heroes for PC. You can follow the steps which we have shared below as they will assist you in playing this game on your PC.

How to play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for PC

The method which we will share with you in this post is very easy. You don’t have to buy any hardware component to play this game or pay for a premium software. Just download a simple software which is called Andy android emulator and you are good to go. The steps are shared below.

  1. Once you have downloaded the software, extract it and open the installer. This will begin installation of Andy Android emulator.
  2. To install this software on your computer or laptop follow the instructions you are seeing on the screen.
  3. Within a few minutes you will be able to install andy android emulator easily on your PC or laptop.
  4. Start the app sync by entering the google account details.
  5. Once details are synced you have to open main menu.
  6. From the main menu open Play store and find “Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes”.
  7. Download the game and it will automatically get installed.

This is how you can easily play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for PC.

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