For those of you who don’t know, War of Nations is a game for mobile platforms on iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s rather popular, and it’s one of those war/real time strategy games.

war of nations

War of Nations for PC

In this War of Nations game, you take command of a small army battalion, and from there, you can join an alliance that you will then communicate with in real time to coordinate attacks, share resources, and just chat with. You can also mine the nearby terrain for the game’s resources, with which you can share them with your friends in the alliance, or use them to purchase soldiers and mechs to fight for you.

When you’ve got a big enough army, the real fun begins. You can send your troops to various places and fight against rival armies and see who is the top competitor in real time, all while calling your alliance friends for backup and supplies.

The action is really gripping and it’s always a pleasure to see your hard trained team coming out on top of all their enemies. You can also train commanders to lead sections of your army to make your army more of a well oiled empirical machine that will conquer all the lands. In the lands you take over from enemies or claim as your own, you can build bases that can act as networking hubs for your various teams and sectors to connect to, for easier access during battle and to expand the reach of your mining when you’re looking for new resources and materials.

The gameplay is really immersive, and you’ll find yourself having a really good time feeling like an actual commander-in-chief, as you look at all your amassed fortune and soldiers and plot where to send them and who to pit them against.

You’ll always be waiting for your alliance members to get back to you and report something new they found or some new resources they’ve acquired, or to hear them ask for your help during battle and for you to send some of your powerful forces to them.

It’s a delight to play this game. War of Nations is a very well designed game, with visuals that are above and beyond the current bar of mobile gaming. The game is free to download but there is also the option to use real world money to purchase in game currency like coins, tanks, and jeeps, in order to be able to get more troops mobilized, faster, and with stronger arsenals. War of Nations takes military massive online multiplayer games to the next level with its immersive game play and well designed, interesting battle mechanics.

The real time fights are fulfilling to watch, and with it’s birds eye view, you get to see all the action unfold right before your eyes while also being able to pull up a chat screen and tell your alliance troops where to attack and what to use on what enemy.

war of nations

War of Nations For PC

It’s very satisfying to play, so much so that it’s hard to put down and it becomes addicting very quickly. War of Nations is definitely a game that should be part of anyone’s mobile device app collection simply because of how fun it is. It’s easy to get caught up in the action of taking down an enemy base and it’s very interactive. You’ll be communicating with your alliance buddies while you’re having lunch at work, and coordinating attacks in between your breaks at work, and mining for resources across the land during class. It’s a game that’s easy to play, easy to learn, and hard to stop.

If you enjoy war games, and enjoy massive multiplayer online games with team factions that you can interact with in real time, this is the game for you. If you enjoy customizing and creating vast armies and using them to take land to form an empire from, this game is definitely for you. Even if all you enjoy in this game is the graphics and animations, this game still has much to offer you. This game has something for everyone.

It’s smart, but it doesn’t require a genius to play. It’s full of action, but it’s not repetitive and boring. And with the addition of real time support and chat based interaction with real people playing the same game, it becomes even more immersive and fun to play. So get in on this action, soldier. You’ve just been recruited.

Download War of Nations For PC  windows and Mac :

You may thing how to:

  •  Download war of nations For  PC.
  •  PLAY war of nations in windows PC .
  •  Install  war of nations On PC  windows .
  • Download war of nations for Mac.


To do that you need to install an emulator in your pc or mac . There several available emulators for PC in the internet like bluestacks or andyroid.

Steps to Download this game :

  • Download Bluestacks from here.
  • Install Bluestacks and register your email in bluestacks ( it should be Gmail account).
  • Then look for War of Nations in bluestacks and you should be ready to play game of war of nations on your PC or  MAC.

The other way is download andyroid from here then follow above steps to download and run war of nations in your pc.


Hope this article is useful to learn how to download game of war of nations in windows and mac.

Go play War of Nations today in your PC.