Download Xender for PC Windows 7/8/10

To make file and data sharing easier there are many tools available in Google Play store. These tools work with almost every android device and help in transferring all the files from one device to the other. Xender is one such application which allows transfer of data using Wi-Fi and that too at high transfer speeds. You can easily transfer data between a computer and a mobile phone as there are a lot of apps available, but there are very less apps available which help in transfer of apps between mobile phones. Xender was initially available only for Chinese mobile manufacturers like Xolo, Oppo, Xiaomi and many others but the great response of the app led the developers to launch the app for all android devices in Google Play store.

Download Xender for PC

In order to transfer data using Xender you don’t have to use any USB cables or anything as data which is transferred using Xender is wirelessly. There are no restrictions with Xender even the app is free as you can transfer music, pictures, videos, apps and any type of file using Xender. The speeds at which transfer takes place using Xender is high as compared to what you would get if you are using a Bluetooth connection. You even don’t have to worry about the data usage as Xender does not use the internet pack of your mobile phone. The app is completely free.


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As we have mentioned above that Xender can be easily downloaded and used on android devices by downloading from Google Play store, you can use this app on your Mac or Windows PC too. You just have to take help of a software and you will be able to use Xender on your computer or Mac. Follow the steps shared below which will help you in downloading Xender and using it on your computer.

How to use Xender for PC

In order to use Xender on your PC you need to download and use Bluestacks app player. Bluestacks is compatible both with Windows and Mac computers so you can download and use it on both these operating systems. If Bluestacks app player is not installed on your computer you can follow the steps which we have mentioned below to download and install it on your computer.

  1. Open the browser which you are using and search Bluestacks setup file by taking help of Google.
  2. Open the download link so that downloading of Bluestacks app player gets started. Downloading of the software will depend on the internet connection.
  3. Once downloaded, begin installation. To install just follow the steps which you see on your computer screen and Bluestacks will get installed on your computer.
  4. Enter Google user name and password to configure this software.
  5. Once configured, open the main menu and then search for “Xender” in Play store.
  6. Click on Install button which will download and install Xender on your computer.

Xender will automatically get installed on your PC. You can now use Xender on your Windows PC and Mac.

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