Drag Racing for Pc Windows (7/8/xp)

Drag Racing for PC WINDOWS  (7/8/xp/vista)

Drag Racing is an android game was developed by creative mobile racing company.Technology has the led to the miniaturization and portability of devices allowing individuals to be able to communicate, socialize and play games on the go. Creative developers have come up with games that would enable users to play on their smartphones  and tablets.

Playing games has several benefits and some of them include increased ability to socialize with others, provides a way of entertaining yourself and helps to improve eye to hand coordination.

Drag Racing for Pc

Drag Racing for Pc


What is the Drag racing game?


Drag racing game is an android game that is available on Google’s play store and can be played on portable devices like smart phones  and tablets. It’s one of the most addictive and nitro fueled racing game that any gamer can get to experience.



The developers have packed the game with several features such as 50 plus cars that range from BMW, Dodge, Honda, Nissan, McLaren, Pagani and the currently licensed Hennessy Venom GT. Users have the ability of drag racing any brand of vehicle that is currently available in the game.


Just as its name suggests, the game involves racing super cars, hot hatches, American muscle cars and German machines on straight virtual road that measures between a ¼ mile to ½ a mile. The gamer needs to find the right balance between power and grip.

drag racing for windows pc

drag racing for windows pc


Gamers can purchase upgrades such as new cars and nitrous oxide which will help them advance to an upper class or increase performance of their current car. The user can configure their car’s gear ratios so as to increase its performance and be able to beat their opponent.


The developers have added the multiplayer option which allows a user to compete with other people from around the world. The multiplayer option which is found on the online section, provides you with an opportunity of going head to head with your friends. You also have the option of racing against 10 players and beating them in a real time competitions.


How to Play Drag Racing in Windows and Mac:

To play Drag Racing  in windows  pc or mac you need an emulator such as BlueStacks ,Andyroid,The emulator will work as intermediate software between your computer and the game (Android app) to make it compatiable.

Steps to download and install Drag Racing in windows Pc and mac:

  1. Download BlueStacks for windows
  2. install BlueStacks in your Pc.
  3. Run BlueStacks and register your email (it should be gmail).
  4. look for Drag for Racing in search section.
  5. Check the drawer where is the Drag Racing is located and you should be ready to play Drag Racing in Windows Pc.
  6. Enjoy.

The other method is download andyroid and follow the following steps:

  1. Download andyroid.
  2. Run andyroid and register your email (should be gmail account).
  3. Look for Drag for Racing in search section and then click on it.
  4. you should be ready to play Drag for Racing in windows pc.

How to play

The game can be accessed via an icon which is available on your emulator screen. Tap to select and the game will start. You can start by selecting the model of car you want. You can purchase upgrades to increase it’s performance.

Once you have configured the car the way you want, you can start playing by selecting to race. Once you are on a track, your screen will have virtual paddles that allow you to change gears, accelerate and stop. Since it’s a drag race, you don’t have much use of the steering wheel as the race is on a straight road.


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