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Dubsmash for Windows Phone | Dubsmash for  Nokia Lumia 520 / 535 / 620 / 630 / 635 / 700 / 720 / 800 / 900 / 1320 / 1520 etc


Creativity abounds and technology is delivering us to places, in the most expeditious manner, that we did not even realize existed. The power of mixed-media mash-ups are just being born, and how we can do this all from our phones is becoming easier thanks to the likes of Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik.

Now perhaps those names don’t mean much to you, but if you have had the absolute pleasure of using the fiercely popular Dubmash app, now you also know who created that app! Millions of people across our planet are using Dubsmash, available on  ANDROID  ,IPHONE  and WINDOWS PHONES  operating systems, to use famous sounds as the theme for whatever message they want to compose.

This can then be forwarded to everyone you know, or a select few. Basically you can make your own personal ads every minute of every day. You can quickly send your mother a hint about what you want for your birthday by scoring your subtle message, designed to induce your mother to get you a puppy, to the sounds of dogs barking!

You can also tell your girlfriend how much you love her by using sounds from the preloaded “love” feature on this smart app. The amount of creativity this kind of power spawns is as of yet immeasurable.

Basically Dubsmash has given us tools, and we’ve no clue where we are going with all of this yet, but we are well on our way to an exciting new place and time.

Download Dubsmash On Windows Phones :

Installing this popular app on your Windows-based, Nokia Lumia phone is quite easy.

Before attempting to install:

Make sure location is enabled as most apps will request this.

First Method :

  •   Now, with your phone ready to accept installation, you will swipe left from your phone’s home screen, and then on the next screen scroll down to the Windows phone store.
  •  Once in the phone store, click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.
  •   Start typing Dubsmash, and as your typing, your phone will intuitively start providing options of what it thinks you are looking for. By the fourth letter you should see Dubsmash appear in your list.
  •   Select the app and then select install. If you receive any requests to “allow” permissions, you must do so or the app will not complete installation. As the app is downloading, you will see the name of the app at the bottom of the screen, and you can tap that area to obtain a status update on the install.
  •   Most apps install quite quickly, but some larger apps take longer. Once the app is finished installing, you can then go back to the home screen, scroll down and look for the icon for the app you have just installed. Now you will be well on your way to exploring all the cool functions of this app!

Second Method :

If you could not download this app for any reason in your Nokia Lumia Phone using method number 1 try to go to this link from your Lumia Phone browser it should work for you :

Download Dubsmash For Windows 8 / 10 Phones 

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