Download Game of Dungeon Trackers For PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10


Dungeon Trackers is a tactical card collecting and RPG game for Android that has been developed by JoyCity. It was released earlier this summer and has become popular for its fantasy themed storyline. A large number of people signed up during the pre-launch, and it has been downloaded in great numbers ever since.

You take on the role of a trainee summoner, whose job it is to restore order to the world after the Grand Summoner has failed to defeat the Demon King, who was unleashed during an earthquake. In order to be successful in this game, it helps if you have a large number of players that are able to join you in battles. You can choose one member of your party the very first time that you play the game.

Dungeon Trackers For PC

Dungeon Trackers For PC

A tactical aspect of this game comes from collecting cards which can be used in battles. There are over 300 different creature cards to collect and you are able to use up to five of these cards in a battle. Tapping on the cards during battles will give you access to the powers that the creatures have. If you time these attacks right then this will cause a break which will deal more damage to your enemies. If you are able to complete a chain of breaks then this can also cause damage to any surrounding enemies.

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If you are successful in battles then you will gain experience, coins, creatures and rubies. You can also equip your creatures with armor and materials so that they are even more effective in battles. Once you begin winning battles regularly then you will gain the coins and rubies that allow you to better equip yourself and your creatures in order to continue winning these battles.

There are two hour windows that appear three times a day when you can gain stamina that will let you participate in more battles. If you enter the dungeon with friends then this will give you access to extra equipment and you will also be able to summon additional creatures. The Colosseum is an arena where you will be randomly matched against an opponent in battle and rewards here will include coins, honor and PvP points.

The battle scenes in this game are full of action and easy to control. The user interface is very intuitive and this makes the game even easier to play. The creature cards are very detailed and beautifully designed which makes you want to collect as many as you can. The tutorial for the game is fairly lengthy, which can make the game seem as if it is slow to start. However, it does include everything that you need to know about playing the game so it is worth spending a bit of time going through it.


How to download Dungeon Trackers on PC | Laptop

to play this game in your windows pc or laptop you need an emulator. the steps to download this game in your computer are :

  1. Download your favorite emulator such as Bluestacks or Andyroid.
  2. Install your emulator.
  3. run your emulator then register your email (GMAIL account).
  4. go to search section and look for Dungeon Trackers .
  5. install it then you are ready to play Dungeon Trackers for PC or Laptop.