The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is the world’s premiere league for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Millions of people around the globe are fans of this league and enjoy watching hundreds of fighters compete in various matches. This love for MMA sports has been carried over to video games. Electronic Arts Sports released EA SPORTS UFC for Android based tablets and smartphones. Critics consider this game to be the best MMA fighting title on the market. EA SPORTS UFC has many features and technology that helps it to stand out from the competition.

EA SPORTS UFC Features :

The developers at Electronic Arts went to great strides to make this game a realistic and enjoyable experience for UFC fight fans. The most notable features in the game includes:

* An advanced AI that adjusts for a player’s strategies during a match.
* Uses advanced imaging technology so that players can connect with their characters.
* Contains 70 of the best UFC fighters in the business.
* Players can compete in four divisions.
* The fighting styles and techniques are based off of the real life versions of the fighters.
* This game also adds in the emotion, physics and mechanics that are a part of a real fight.





Graphic Quality:

When players engage in this title they will instantly be taken in by the real life graphics of each fighter and arena where they compete.

The fighters that are featured in the game have been scanned with rendering technology that captures their physical forms in great detail. This data is what makes the characters look realistic when they are in the ring.

Players will even see how their fighters facial expressions change when they get or when they are taking down an opponent.

This app also allows players to compete against other MMA competitors from around the world. They can get involved in tournaments and have fight cards for their matches.

There is a leader board to determine who is the best fighter in the game. Players can also earn rewards and bonuses every time they play this game. There are no lives or game limits that restricts game play. This allows players to compete as much or as often as they like.

EA Sports UFC also has full body deformation technology which allows an in-game fighter’s body to adjust to various blows, strikes and hits. EA developers also added the grappling technique of MMA combat.

This element allows fighters to bang it out on the ground and to use submission holds to defeat opponents. The kicks and strikes in this game are dynamic as well. Players can train their characters to become better fighters. Keep in mind that every player in this game has their own unique fighting style as well. EA Sports UFC on Android is a great game to own for MMA fans. This unit gives them the closest experience to being in the octagon.


Download EA Sports UFC On PC / Laptop or Desktop :

Here are the steps to download this game :

  1. Download Bluestacks   from the official website.
  2. Install your emulator by following simple instructions.
  3. Run your emulator and register your Gmail account.
  4. go to search section and type EA SPORTS UFC .
  5. once you find it click on it and install it.
  6. Enjoy Playing EA SPORTS UFC FOR PC / LAPTOP or Desktop.