Everyone wants to be fit and remain healthy. Fitness bands are the latest trend which help one in developing a healthy lifestyle. Fitbit is one of the best international brands which can be used for monitoring daily workout routines. Fitbit is also having a dedicated android application which can be used for tracking daily workout exercises on any android mobile phone. The app is developed so that it is able to work with any Fitbit tracking band. Fitbit will help you in tracking your daily goals. Using the mobile app you will be able to set your workout goals which you want to achieve in a day, week or month and this app will track your daily workout routines and will add to the goals section.

download fitbit for pc

There are different sections in this application which will show you the distance you covered in a particular day, the number of calories burnt and even the steps which you covered. The GPS tracker of your android device will help you in tracking the hikes, walks and runs you complete with Fitbit. There is an activity log section in this application which can be used for adding activities like Yoga and other workouts. The logs will help you in staying on track. Easily find out the number of calories you consume in a day using the calorie section. You will also be able to manage your weight by tracking your calories. If your friends are also using Fitbit you can compete with them in many challenges which take place in Fitbit from time to time. Workout as much as you can which will help you in getting on top of the leaderboard.

Fitbit is available for all the android smartphones and tablets which means you can use it on any android device. There is one method which can be followed to use Fitbit on PC. The short guide which we have shared below will help you to use Fitbit for PC.

How to use Fitbit for PC

Using Fitbit is very easy. To use this android application on your PC you have to use Bluestacks app player. You can follow the steps shared below which will help you in using Fitbit for PC.

  1. You have to download one software called Bluestacks app player. It can be easily downloaded by visiting Bluestacks official website.
  2. Once downloaded, one has to begin the installation. Installation is neat and simple as you just have to follow the steps on your screen which the installer gives.
  3. Once installation is complete, begin the configuration process. To configure you have to enter Google account details which will start the sync process.
  4. Once sync is complete, you are ready to start downloading Fitbit. Open main menu and using the search bar find “Fitbit”. Open it and click on Install button which will start installing Fitbit on PC.
  5. Fitbit will be finally installed on your PC. This is how you can easily install Fitbit for PC.