Game of War – Fire Age for Pc without BlueStacks

Download Game of War – Fire Age for pc without Bluestacks

The game of war –  fire age  was solely developed to be used on android devices. With this information, you should know that you can only use virtual systems to get the game to your PC. Virtual systems such as the Oracle VirtualBox which is what should be used to create a virtual machine from where the android system can effectively run making the game playable on either a PC or a Mac.

Game of War Fire Age for PC

Game of War for PC

This virtual box also allows its users to run several virtual accounts on the created virtual machines which make it easier for someone to access all the accounts they might have. The process of using these virtual machines can be quite complicated but this should not worry since its failure will only warrant a deletion of the created account and then starting all over again.

Since someone does not use the OpenGL it is precisely why there may be some issues with your screen while playing the game and this method is not fully recommended. It is however recommended for those who seeking to manage their multiple virtual machine accounts on the game.

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Those who have never used a VirtualBox before will need to first get some help. When using this virtual machine window, you may lose the access you have on your mouse. If you happen to lose your mouse while using this window, you should only click the right ctlr key for those using windows and the right cmd key for those using Mac and you will have your mouse back.
The Download Game of War Fire Age on Computer process is a simple  and following the steps below should help you get the game on your Windows or Mac or linux  PC.

Install Game of War – fire age for pc windows , Mac and Linux :

  1. First step is to download the latest version of the Oracle VirtualBox which is readily available.
    After successfully downloading the VirtualBox,
  2. You should then proceed and download the virtual machine file (android System).
  3. The next step is to install the virtual box and then open the virtual box window.
  4. From the newly opened virtual box window, you should click on the menu and then click file from where you should choose import appliance and a new window will pop up and you should browse through to where you saved the virtual machine file open it and then click next.
  5. After that you should double click on the virtual machine which you have just imported and the android system will automatically launch for you to stand a chance of enjoying the Game of War Fire Age PC Download.
  6. The android window will open and you will see a cursor in the new window and you will need to unlock the screen and sliding the lock either side will unlock the screen. After this, you will now have access to android system  right from your PC where you will be able to comfortably play the Game of War Fire Age for Windows , mac and linux .
  7. Go to Play store in android system (which you just installed in your VirtualBox ) and search for Game of War – fire age .
  8. Once you find it tap on it and then the Game of War for pc , linux or Mac installed in your computer or laptop.
Game of War Fire Age for mac windows and linux

Game of War Fire Age for mac windows and linux

When playing the Game of war for Linux  you might want to note the issues which you might experience and they include the following:

  • The game might actually be slow to play
  •  The world view feature might not show all the cities of the world
  •  Keyboard issues as well as some screen issues.


So now you can enjoy playing the Game of war fire age without bluestacks on your PC by simply following the above steps and procedures.

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