Download Game of Guardian Hunter for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10


I am probably one of the most picky, and choosiest people when it comes to judging quality video games, as well as video games you cannot walk away from.

I was never a big fan of Role Playing Games, and almost a decade after playing Final Fantasy VII, I decided to make a change from my normal genre of video games (racing.cops and robbers…etc.) and give Guardian Hunter a shot at making my cut.

I am going to tell you right now, this game is by far, one of the most intense, fun, and highly addictive games I have ever put my hands on in my history of playing video games. I played Guardian Hunter until the very early hours of the morning. I literally had three or four missed calls, which I totally let slip my mind, because this game had my utmost, full, and undivided attention.


Guardian Hunter for PC Windows 7 /8 / 10

Guardian Hunter for PC Windows 7 /8 / 10

 Guardian Hunter game isn’t just a typical downloadable game, like most of the other games you will find in places like the Google Play Store, as the graphics are stunningly superb, the game play is very smooth, and the game’s control system is very easy to use while you are playing Guardian Hunter.

The game is very unique, in the sense that the concept is based on a path your character has to take, which is already predetermined in time. You will have the option of choosing from three different classes, which are the Warrior class, Archer Class, and Mage class.

Each class comes equipped with the tools and necessities you will need to choose from, in order to make it throughout the entirety of the game.

A part of the story line that I really thought was cool is that the game lives up to its name (Guardian Hunter), as you will be fighting monsters, yet turning them into guardians, instead of completely destroying them, as you would in most other games you will play.

I noticed that I never ran into a dull moment while playing Guardian Hunter, as I was constantly fighting, ducking, and dodging monsters the entire time.

I literally had to use my critical thinking skills, in order to make the correct decisions on how to fight my enemies off. Guardian Hunter is not as simple as most other games, of which you will find yourself simply slicing and dicing through anything that may come across your path, and get in your way.


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You actually have to pick and choose how you are going to win each and every battle. If I had to compare Guardian Hunter to another game, it would be the game of Chess by a long shot.

Every move I make, has to be a calculated step, so that I win! I absolutely loved it and, I highly recommend Guardian Hunter to anyone who likes entertaining, fun, video games! All you have to do is simply click a button to download the game on to your Android phone or follow the following steps to download this game on  PC.

Download Guardian Hunter For PC / Laptop or Desktop

  1. Download Andyroid or Bluestacks emulator.
  2. install your downloaded emulator in your pc.
  3. run your emulator go to search section.
  4. type Guardian Hunter .
  5. once you find it tap on and and its installed in your pc.
  6. Enjoy Playing Guardian Hunter for PC / Laptop or Desktop.

in this tutorial you should be ready :

  • Download Guardian Hunter For Pc Windows 7 / 8 / 10 .
  • Install Guardian Hunter on Laptop or Desktop .
  • Play Game of Guardian Hunter On PC / Laptop or Desktop .