lool TV Box Recovery | lool Box Factory Reset

Today I’m going to share with you on how to recover lool tv box to factory settings even if you have no access to your looltv box or you have booting problems and you can not go to settings and reset it from there.

before we go further in this subject I need to explain how this TV box works . LOOLTVBOX is based on android operating system like the one you see in Phones such as Samsung Galaxy Phones or tablets . to recover any android phone easily you need to go to settings in your device then choose backup/recovery then go to factory reset and then wipe everything out from there so your system will be installed fresh out of the box like how did you buy it at first place.

Now If you can not boot your device to go to settings and make factory reset what you can do ?

The answer is you need an SD card with an operating system (android) to boot the device so you can recover it to factory settings.

every device needs different android system since there are different input and output addresses for each device , I’m not going to explain why there are  different android systems for different devices  but the main point here in this article that you need the system that is compatible with your device.

How to reset loolbox software to factory settings :

Now , lets go back to lool tv box , to recover this device you need the following :

  1. SD  CARD  ( I used 16 GB  ) .
  2. Android image for looltv box  you can find it in this link .
  3. A software to burn the Image on SD CARD ( I used Phoenix ver. 3.0.9 ) .

the process to burn the image on SD card is quite easy :

  1. Download the Image file its on (RAR extension ) it means its compressed so you need to extract it by using a software called unzip .
  2. Download Phoenix  software , again this is in rar extension so you need to unzip it and save it.
  3. now insert your SD card in your PC  , if your computer does not support this device buy you an USB – SD card converter from any computers store such as bestbuy for like 8$ .
  4. Now run Phoenix software and choose the file where you extracted the image file see the the picture below.
  5. Click on Burn it , and the android system for lool TV box installation process will start .
  6. after you done from burning the image in your SD card go ahead and insert the SD card in your lool TV Box while its off  .
  7. turn the power on and you will see the new system is installed in your TV ( don’t remove the SD card from your TV BOX!) .


phoenix software lool tv box

Phoenix Software For lool tv box

 Download lool tv apk or IPTV apk  For lool TV BOX :

Now you installed lool TV Box System So Far (which is ANDROID SYSTEM ) , in the next steps  we will show you how to install lool tv apk  software for lool TV system so you can watch TV in your lool TV box , Please follow the steps below to install  IPTV software :

  1. Download lool tv apk (iptv apk software) in your computer .
  2. Next save the downloaded apk file in your USB FLASH storage.
  3. take the usb flash storage and connect it to your lool tv box .
  4. turn lool tv box on AND then go to extras then to file manager .
  5. in file manager choose usb flash drive.
  6. click on iptv_APK.apk file .
  7. it will ask to  install the file , say yes and then the installation will start .

I hope it was easy to re install LOOL TV BOX to its factory settings , If you have any question please post it in comments section below , do not forget to enter your email address correctly so we will respond to you promptly .






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