Monster Legends for Windows Phone : Nokia Lumia

Monster Legends for Windows Phone : Nokia Lumia series(1320,520,630,635,720 etc)

Monster Legends for windows phones is a fighting/breeding game, similar to those you would find on social media sites such as Facebook. The game is based around breeding monsters, then raising them to fight other monsters, to earn gold and build up your habitats, to (you guessed it) breed more monsters.

Monster Legends

Monster Legends

Kind of a cyclical game that relies on time based events and constant battles between your monsters and others to earn gold and build up your world. There are many types of games like this out there, however with Monster Legend, you are kind of tossed into the fray without really gaining a back story or history of why you need to pit your monsters against others, or even what your ultimate goal is beyond just collecting all the monsters.

The controls are very simple and easy to use, however there is the occasional slip-up in the mechanics for the controls themselves. Such as while trying to swipe your finger across you tap the “Attack” or “Goals” icon. Or what I had the most trouble with; trying to move the camera and you end up moving one of your habitats to another plot of land. Beyond the small and simple miffs in the controls, it’s very easy to integrate yourself with the mechanics and even easier to play during the battle scenes, (very easy point and tap controls in the battle).

That being said, the game itself relies on time counters to do most things (upgrading buildings, hatching new monsters, etc), unless you pay for some of the in-app-purchase items known as “Gems.” These gems can be bought straight through the application and the cost is about 1-1 with some discounts the more you buy. These gems can also be earned through after-battle roulette or meeting some in-game goals.

Monster Legends

Monster Legends

The gems really just speed up most processes, so they’re not “absolutely necessary” but can improve your game if you do choose to buy them. Ultimately it’s a clone of most of these types of apps that are popular currently, and while it’s not the best one out there. It’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon playing.

Downloading the game onto your Windows phone itself is very easy:

There are 2 methods:

First method, go to your “App List” and tap on the “Store” icon. You can generally browse games or regular apps from this point, but since you know what your looking for, just hit the “Search” icon (normally marked by a little magnifying glass). Once you see the Monsters Legends app appear on the list, either tap the game icon, or the name of the app itself. Both will bring you to the “App Overview” screen. Next you just hit the “Install” button, the app will then download onto your Windows phone.

You can tap the icon itself on your home screen to initiate the application and your good to go.

Second method is just  click on this link :

 Download Monster Legends in Windows Phone : Nokia Lumia Series.

The app is downloaded and ready to play on your Windows phone!

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