Piano Tiles – Don’t Tap The White Tile For Windows Phones | Nokia Lumia Series ( 535,625,630,635,720,800,900,1320,1520) 

Piano Tiles – Don’t Tap The White Tile was undoubtedly one of the most popular downloaded games . That is exactly what the creators of Piano Tiles, Clean Master Games, have done. Piano Tiles was designed to deliver the joy of piano playing to a fast-paced game, designed to help users develop better hand-to-eye coordination, and to have some fun while doing it.

    No particular skills are needed, and you just need a fast mind and the ability to avoid the white tiles! It is as simple as tapping the black tiles to the sound of the music that is playing, training your fingers to become faster as you are treated to entertainment scored to some wonderful music.

You can also share your performance with friends and family, if you have really impressed yourself with your creation! Aside from creating personal masterpieces on this fun game, and challenging yourself to see if you can beat your friends scores, there might not be a nicer way to pass time in between flights, or on that train ride home at night, as Piano Tiles provides an enjoyable way to take your mind off of everything else for a little while.
The first Piano Tiles was perfectly popular, but as these developers appreciate feedback and listen to what their users are saying, they have made the second edition even better. Some of the new features players can expect to find on Piano Tiles 2 include the ability to continue playing even if you lose. Not every player is in it to win it as it were, and some just like to play it for the sheer joy of the game with no regard for winning.

For those players, continue is a welcome new feature. They have also added a new currency: diamonds. In addition, there have been some modifications installed making sound quality much better. They have also added a global competition component mode. Some of the feedback they received included what appeared to be a music library lacking in certain songs, like Yankee Doodle, Simple Gifts, and A La Claire Fontaine, just to name a few.These titles have been added as have a number of other songs. It appears Clean Master Games listens to their customers, and have refined this product by adding features and songs users were requesting. They have also introducing colors into the original black-and-white version.
This might be just a game, but the benefits it provides in taking the player’s mind off other things, and providing much-needed entertainment on-the-go, which is scored to great music, is likely creating carry-forward benefits that can’t even be recognized in current terms. Piano Tiles is great fun, good mental exercise and quite possibility could be one of the most pleasant distractions ever!

Download Piano Tiles for Windows Phone :

To download this game in your windows phone just to go app store and type Piano Tiles don’t tap the white tile other wise open your phone browser and click on the following link :


 Piano Tiles Don’t Tap the white Tile for Nokia Lumia 625/630/720/800/900/1320 etc 

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