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Download Game of Plunder Pirates for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and MAC


If you have an android device, chances are you have played some games on it. Some games are loads of fun while many of them can be quite boring. In the fun category are games like Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Cut the rope and loads of other games. Joining this category of being one of the most fun games on the Google Play Store is Plunder Pirates by Rovio Stars.

It was released in April of 2015 for android devices everywhere and is quickly gaining popularity for its fun game play.
In this game, you build up your very own pirate village with a builder’s hut, a pirate hall, and much more.

Plunder Pirates for Windows PC

Plunder Pirates for PC

You have the ability to move the buildings around and make your village unique to your design and strategy.

You can also add decorations to your village like fountains and other things as well to beautify your creation.

In addition to making your own village, you can also explore the villages of your friends and other people from around the world. It’s fun to browse other peoples unique designs and see how your village stacks up compared to their village. Building your village is only half of the fun. The real fun in Plunder Pirates comes from attacking or “plundering” the villages of other people.
First you scope out their village and plan an attack. Once you have your plan, you attack and send out troops like buccaneers, brutes, thieves, bombers and more. Each troop has its own unique ability in attacking. Buccaneers are your standard attackers who deal good damage in large numbers.


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Brutes cause lots of damage but are a little slow. Thieves loot the other players resources so you can get a reward from attacking. Bombers cause the most damage but at a price. Using the right amount of each troop will yield excellent results. I started off slow when I first started, but now that I’ve played for a lttle while my attacking has improved by a lot.
Plunder Pirates is definitely one of the most fun and exciting games on the Play Store. I had hours of fun from this game and I am sure I will definitely have more hours of fun. I would highly recommend it to any Android user to play on their phone, tablet or other android device. I will now detail how to install this exciting game Plunder Pirates on your Windows PC .



Steps to Install Plunder Pirates on PC / Laptop or Computer :

  1. Download Any emulator Such as Bluestacks or Andyroid.
  2. install your emulator by clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. run the emulator and register your email (it should be Gmail account).
  4. go to search section and type Plunder Pirates .
  5. once you find it tap on it and then install it.
  6. enjoy Playing Game of Plunder Pirates for PC / laptop or computer

In this tutorial you should be ready :

  • Download Plunder Pirates for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 .
  • Install Plunder Pirates for Laptop / Desktop or Computer .
  • Play Game of Plunder Pirates on PC or Computer.

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