Download Game of Rival Kingdoms  Age of Ruin for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10 



This game takes you back to the time of castles, knights, forts, rival wars, and base unit building in order to survive. This is a totally free game that you can download or even play online. The game is very user friendly and basically is a lot of fun that will keep you intrigued and moving along quite rapidly. The focus of this game it to constantly attack your enemies and keep them off balance. Everything seems to move very fast, to the point of always seeking advice to make moves. This is a constant building element to survive the game, that adds an element of suspense to the game, but not so much that you are constantly on pins and needles.


Rival Kingdoms for PC

Rival Kingdoms for PC

Starting off :
If you never played before, in order to start playing, simply enter a user name, an email address, and a password. It’s as simple as that to start. Once you start, you will follow a series of prompts that will enable you to build your fort, recruit the men that you will need to run it, build the barracks to live in, and feed your army. You move up to different levels, by completing certain tasks and requirements. Stuff like fortifying your emplacements and defenses, making sure that your fort perimeters are expanded enough, and various tasks that if not done will undermine your whole base of operations.



Establishing Yourself :
You establish a base in the customary manner, putting down new units, and upgrading existing ones. There’s a free skip button for those items that don’t take long to replenish. There are keys to coming out on top in this game, and building a secure fortress that’s tricky to negotiate is paramount to your success. Once you get into the game, it’s the mortal combat that will peak your interest. The single player campaign is simple and interesting. It’s nothing too demanding, and it is a lot of fun, if you are just starting out. Just starting out, there are quick, simple battles that get you into the spirit of the game, for what’s to come later. Basically just starting out you get involved in spotting things in placements, then observing as they navigate their way to certain placements.

Different Options :
As you advance it’s possible to combine forces, in order to combine kingdoms. One thing leads to another in this game. Form kingdoms, share resources, joint raids, are the next steps after things get a little more intricate. This game directs you to take certain actions, as soon as you start. Things like making troop movements at the right times, to build store houses, barracks for your troops, and basically everything that you need to be sustainable

Download Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin for PC :

here are the steps to download this game in your windows PC or Laptop:

  1. Download BlueStacks from here.
  2. Install Bluestacks By following on screen instructions.
  3. Register your Gmail account .
  4. Go to search section and type Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin .
  5. tap on it and its install in your PC.
  6. Enjoy playing Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin On PC / Laptop or Desktop.

In this tutorial you should be ready to :

  1. Download Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10 .
  2. Install Game of Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin on Laptop or Desktop Computers .
  3. Play Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin on PC .