Download Royal Empire Realm of War for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


Royal Empire Realm of War is the latest mobile strategy, free android game version 1.2.3. It was developed by tap4fun. It has a size of 49.21Mbs and in-app purchases are allowed.

The game is set in the middle ages and it is a magnificent fantasy epic that unfolds across an unprecedented global server. You strive to be a lord on the continent of Ayres, and make your attempt at world domination.

In this empire, anyone with the gumption and lust for power can write their name in its history books. The game is not just about collecting resources and growing your kingdom, it is about power and complete dominance.

In this power seat, you are guarded by millions of loyal soldiers. The more the soldiers, the more your power. Due to the millions of players on a single server, being fully equipped and well resourced is very fundamental.


royal empire realm war for PC windows

Royal Empire Realm War for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10


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Its main features include:

  • It is based in a magical, bizarre, and colorful land divided into four areas.
  • To conquer the land, all other players must know your name.
  • You have 16 different unit types at your command, some of which are the riders, cavalry, flying units and foot soldiers.
  • One unified global serverwhereby all countries fight in the same realm.
  • In order to maintain game balance and also to test the true power of the high level players, they have to move their kingdoms to higher level areas.
  • True power comes not only from the number of troops you command, but also from the number of true friends you can trust.
  • The vast land from the borderlands to the unending tundra form the battlefield.

   Players are required to build an army of strong soldiers to lead in amazing wars against the online enemies.

Construct a tavern in your city, with which you will attract multiple great heroes from around the globe. This will aid in boosting your defense hence you will be able to outdo the hostile enemies blocking your way.

Win extra points and other rewards when you customize your characters. This will enable you to unlock more features.

Choose the right strategies to carve your empire, bearing in mind that wisdom is what makes a difference between you and your enemies. This, together with power, will bring you closer to your victory. Also, make proper use of your 16 unique units by making use of each of their advantages and disadvantages to cruise the different terrains.

The leader of a grand city is named the ruler while the leader of a kingdom of grand cities is named the emperor.

Steps to Download Royal Empire Realm of War for PC or Laptop:

here are the following steps to download this game in you computer :

  1. Download an emulator such as Bluestacks or Andyroid.
  2. Instsll your emulator and run it.
  3. register your email (GMAIL account).
  4. go to search section and type Royal Empire Realm of War .
  5. once you find it click on and its installed in your computer.
  6. now enjoy playing Game of Royal Empire for PC or Laptop.

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