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Do you remember Flappy Bird ? Yeah, the highly addictive and at the same time frustrating game which was removed from the Google Play Store ? Well here is a good news for all Flappy Bird Game lovers. The developer of Flappy Bird has released a similar game in the Play Store by the name of Swing Copters.

Swing Copter APK

Swing Copters game needs you to guide a helicopter upwards while saving it from the swinging hammers. The copter flies from side-to-side automatically, but you can change its direction with a tap. That means lots of tapping to get past the series of gates and hammers. Once the copter gets moving in a particular direction, it becomes harder to regain control of its flight path. And trust guys, this is a lot tougher as compared to the Flappy Bird.

Current reviews of this game include the following:

“You’re a copter and have to dodge swings.” – Jon McD

“This is a game to play.” – A. Catt

“I don’t know how to play.” – Steven

Currently the game has got a rating of 4 stars from a total of 1500 votes.
This game was released in PlayStore on 20th August 2014. The good thing is that it is also available for iOS.

Like Flappy Bird, this game is also very addictive. So if you wish to give it a shot, you can download the Android version of the game here : Swing Copters download.

If you own an iPhone and wish to play this game on your phone then head over to this link and download it on your phone.

We will soon publish a game walk through and a method to download Swing Copter for PC, so stay tuned to

Do let us know your experience with this game. Is it as addictive as Flappy Bird ? Let us know in the comments section.