Just like its name suggests the Sims freePlay for pc is offered for a free. It is in fact a game under the Sims series which offers its users the opportunity to enjoy the many game series it has to offer. Developed by the popular EA community, the game is basically a tactical game. It is built with features that make the players actually feel like they are playing the game in real time. Just by virtue of having been developed by the EA community, you can as well confirm that it is a quality game just like all the other games that have been developed by this community.

The Sims FreePlay for PC

The Sims FreePlay for windows PC

Understanding how to play the Sims free play pc download

As a player, you are first required to create your own set of dream houses where the houses are to have multiple stories and you can even go ahead and build some swimming pools to accompany those houses. Since the game is built with several different stages, you are required to come up with your most preferred Sims tale across the different stages of life in the game. You will also have some Sims which you are responsible and you need to assign them characters that will help them live a comfortable life throughout their lives in the game. Since the game is developed in a well develop homestead, you may at times have to drop by at your friends Sim towns. By contacting your friends, you may form new alliances to be able to defeat your enemies and at the same time get to find out how they have built their dream houses and you can even borrow some of the design and techniques they have used.
The game has the set of a practical home and in the process of playing the game, you may also be required to take care of the pets and take care of the garden in your homestead. After you have created a well-developed home, you may now proceed to establish your targets which you can use to gather lifestyle points which will help you live comfortably.

The Sims FreePlay for windows PC

The Sims FreePlay for windows

Downloading the Sims freeplay online

Since the game was initially built for the android devices when seeking to play it in your PC, you will be required to first download the Bluestacks app on your PC. The process is just the normal process of installing any desktop application simply download the setup and install it. After you have successfully installed the application, you may now proceed to opening it and then type“The Sims FreePlay” on the search box and there will be some options appearing on your screen after you have pressed enter. Click on the Sims freeplay for pc and the download will automatically begin. After the download is complete, the Sims free play online will begin installing and you will be on your way to enjoying the great gaming experience it has to offer.


Although it was not possible to play the Sims freeplay pc, it is now possible to get the game and enjoy it on your PC. So download the Sims freeplay for pc and start enjoying the great experience it promises.