Hello Every one, today I’m going to share with you a new device called Zmodo DVR cameras system, a week  ago I had an opportunity to buy and install 3 systems for a business , the  systems were  2 x  Zmodo 16 channels and one Zmodo 8 channels cameras , the plan is to  connect them all together to a mobile phone and watch three business from one Phone! Live! is that interesting  ? keep reading to  know how to setup this device and connect it through the internet to your wireless phone wither its running android , OS iPhone , Windows Phone or even Windows PC ! .

Before we go further in this article I need you  to learn  the features of this device first .

Zmodo 16 & 8 channels DVR system features :

  • This device comes with 16 channels it means you can connect up to 16 cameras to it .
  • it has 960 H Resolution .
  • QR Code ( you will need this feature to connect the device to your wireless phone through the internet ).
  • Network  connectivity (its very easy to connect it local network or to the internet ) .
  • You can connect SATA HDD the one I used was 2 TB !! it can rewind the camera system more than 60 days back !!.
  • HDMI , VGA Display  ports .
  • USB BACKUP (use USB flash drive to backup images or videos no need to expensive equipment any more).
  • Motion Detection .

Zmodo DVR

Zmodo DVR System Features

How to Install & Setup Zmodo DVR System :

Here I’m going to share with you how to install this DVR system in your home or business .

  1. Find a place where you are going to place the DVR , it should be away from dust ,  secure , and  away from children and close to internet router .
  2. connect the DVR from the Ethernet port to the router through Ethernet cable such as Cat 5 or Cat 6 .
  3. connect all the cameras the ports in the back of the DVR system  one by one .
  4. connect the DVR To HDMI PORT to your TV or to VGA Port in your computer Monitor .
  5. connect the mouse provided to any USB port .
  6. Now your ready to turn your Zmodo DVR system ON! .

How to connect Zmodo DVR system Mobile Phone or Computer :

Now your DVR system up and running but you need to connect the DVR to your Wireless Mobile Phone ? its very easy , just follow the steps below :

  1. If you have iPhone open an app store and search for Zmodo Zsight , If you have android phone open google play store and look for Zmodo Zsight .
  2. once you locate the app ( Zmodo Zsight ) click on it to install it in your phone .
  3. once the installation of this app is finished go ahead and open it .
  4. Here is very critical point , you need to register the app and the DVR under your own EMAIL address make sure you enter CORRECT email address and password .
  5. once you have done that , Make sure your phone is connected to your  local network through the WIFI nothing else (it must make sure its NOT connected to the phone company wireless internet )
  6.  go ahead and click on the plus sign its located on the right upper corner .
  7. you will see several options , one of them is search LAN ( see the picture below), click on this option .
  8. the device is there click on it !
  9. Now your DVR is attached to your Mobile Phone through your email address! .
  10. now you can switch between the WIFI or your phone company internet and see if you can watch through both of them .
  11. Enjoy !
zsight setup window

Zsight Setup Window

Zsight Email and Password

Enter the email and password in Zsight APP

Search for the device Zsight

Here you search for the DVR system in LAN

How to Watch Zmodo DVR system through Windows PC :

After you completed the steps on how to install Zsight APP and used your mobile phone to watch the cameras , Now you can use your PC laptop to watch your cameras in very easy step :

go to MeShare website and write your email address and password ( it must be the same email address and password you used in Zsight app earlier see the picture below ) .

MeShare Software

Meshare Website login

All Done!