ZombieBolt, a new game by SN Mobile Technology, is a new app for your Android based mobile phone , Before I explain how to install Zombie Bolt game on PC below I need to talk about this game first . This game is designed for late childhood or early teens, but adults can have fun playing the game as well. Like all SN games, there are no commercials to ruin the fun.

Zombie Bolt features a zombie named Bolt. The world is crashing around him, and Bolt is trying to survive. Each level is harder than the last, featuring more to do, from crashing buildings to zombies ready to take down Bolt. The graphics are cartoon level, but fun to look at. This is not a severely bloody game.

This is a single player game, but friends can challenge each other by level reached and the score. The game does not allow friends to transfer skills or weapons to other players. Controls allow the player to move Bolt left and right to avoid the coming disasters.

Zombie Bolt does not allow Bolt to end his turn. Included in the game is an unending number of retries for Bolt. This makes it easy to move up into the new levels and protect the Zombies from the general collaspe of the world around them.

Play level of this game is not up to the level of great mobile action games. But, if you live a game that will challenge you by moving to new levels, Zombie Bolt can be quite alot of fun. The biggest critique of this game is that it is too simple and too cartoonish. However, this is also its greatest strength if you enjoy these kinds of games.

As you move up into the higher levels, some of the things the player has to do generate cliff hanging thrills. For those who stay around long enough to reach these levels, the pay off is quite enjoyable.

  This game was written by a company based in Seoul, South Korea, so expect to find some Korean symbols and Asian looking cities throughout play. This atmosphere only adds to the character of the game, as an American player may not know what to expect.

Bolt is a cool, green zombie with blood-shot eyes and a great big smile with four teeth. When Bolt dies, he dissolves into a pile of bones with a sound that is actually quite soothing. Players have the option of saving or not saving the scores into the Google Play system. So, if a player has a bad first game, he or she does not have to embarrass themselves by contributing this score for all to see. The end of each game also offers the opportunity to continue the game or end the game. This is quite convenient for playing this game on breaks at school or work.

Zombie Bolt For PC Download Windows 7/8/10 :

Steps to  play this game in you laptop or computer, you need to :

  • Step 1 Download an emulator like Bluestacks or Andyroid .
  • Step 2 Install your emulator you downloaded in Step 1 .
  • Step 3 Run your installed emulator .
  • Step 4 Once you see a pop up window asking to register with google play go ahead and register your email this is very important .
  • Step 5 go to google play store and search for ZombieBolt .
  • Play Zombie Bolt on PC / laptop for free now! .