ZOMBIE TSUNAMI  FOR WINDOWS PHONE | NOKIA LUMIA PHONES ( 520 , 625 , 630 , 720 , 1320 ) etc .


Zombie tsunami, these days, strangely, seem to be one of the most well-known creatures as it has found its system with tons of games series and movies. So it has been a while as a zombie tsunami game was reviewed, and this is a game that I am certain that you will take pleasure in playing as much as I like to play it.  I do like Zombie Tsunami improved version though. So please read on gamer.

Out of all the games that were reviewed on the computer and phone Entity, this is the first time you are not shooting zombies to stay alive, that is because you are a robot

 you first play the game you start  playing as a single zombie. After that, As you are running down the road you are like the helpless human, and when you beat them, they will revolve into an undead, having them connect you. The more you turn the humans into zombie tsunami, the more your number will grow. Finally, cause humanity’s downfall.

Why I like the Zombies tsunami game a most:

I just feel affection for the fact when you are playing this Zombies tsunami game and you handle to have an army of undead if you come about to run into a mine, car, or bus you generally have to begin over again with this game if you misplace one or two robots you can just keep going awaiting your single zombie dies. Having this characteristic adds more addicts the game. And of course, having a large mob of undead can make things simple by letting you earning cars, buses and tanks, plow all the way through bombs and collect more coins.

All through the game you will unlock some power ups that can momentarily turn your zombies into ninjas, Chinese dragons, or giant change brains. Every of these has its own powers, which can considerably alter the way you play for a little while. And collecting coins will permit you to pay money for different upgrades, such as hats, or new locations.

The graphics remind  me for the Super NES or for a Pixar movie. And having the 3D cartoonish characters.

I have played a lot of never-ending runners,  but Zombie Tsunami is by far my preferred phone game. It has huge graphics, it is also child friendly. It has attractive, stupid, cartoonish comedy, and it is fun and addicting to play. It also is only one of its kind, and manages to set itself apart from other mobile games that are in the store. It is a necessity to play game. The Zombies tsunami game is free at the Google play store. Happy Gaming Gamers.

Download Zombie Tsunami for Nokia  Lumia Windows Phone :


First method,

  1. go to your “App List” in your Nokia Lumia Phone
  2.  tap on the “Store” icon.
  3.  Go to Search icon (marked by  magnifying glass) then Type Zombies tsunami .
  4. Once you see the Zombies tsunami,app appear on the list, tap the game icon, or the name of the app itself.
  5. Next you just hit the “Install” button, the app will then download onto your Windows phone.

Second method is just  click on this link :



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